His Unwanted Male Empress
1 The Child Born With Auspicious Signs
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His Unwanted Male Empress
Author :Sueitachan
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1 The Child Born With Auspicious Signs

It was in the middle of the night. When he cried his first cry, the sky was lit with aurora of colorfull light.

The Imperial Seer all predict a great future for the Prince!

The only problem is, that night, there are two Princes born at almost the same time.

The first was born of the Empress, while the second was born of the lowest tier concubine.

It was not a hard choice for the servants of the palace to choose whom those Auspicious signs were for.

It automatically became the Empress born. The servants was sure because, the low tier concubine passed away not long after she delivered her baby. That in itself was an inauspicious sign.

Though the young Seer looked like he wanted to say something, his Master signalled him not to say anything.

Life at the Imperial Palace was like treading on blades. One wrong movement could cause a life.

Years of experience told the Master Seer, it was probably best this way.

That way, the true son of a dragon would be able to grow up safely...

Or so they thought...

Years passed, the Prince born of the Concubine were tested and confirmed by the experts as a cultivation trash.

While on the other hand, the Crown Prince, was tested with a high level Fire affinity.

The Trash prince were sent to the remote place to live by himself. Slowly getting forgotten even by the Emperor himself.

The Crown Prince on the other hand got all the education he needed to become the next generation Emperor.

Two Prince born on the same day...

Lead a life of two vastly different paths...

Today, both were 9 years old.

The palace were filled with joy and festivities to celebrate the Crown Prince's birthday.

They were celebrating the Crown Prince's advancement into the second layer of Body Tempering.

He was the first to achieve such an advancement in years!

While the Main Palace were filled with happiness, in a remote corner of the palace, a skinny pretty boy stared into the sky filled with non-stop firecrackers.

A simple smile was on his face. "Happy Birthday, Yue Ming"

Of all days in the year, he would definitely loved his birthday the most. Because when they celebrate the Crown Prince birthday, he knew it was also his birthday.

Although he got no words of congratulation or gifts from anyone, he still felt the day he was born as the greatest.

At least he was still clothed and fed. He was not starving or had to work hard to get by.

He gets inside his courtyard and sit on his bed to continue his cultivation.

"Everyone thought I'm a trash that can't cultivate. While it's true, it's also because this people of the lower planes had no idea about the seven dragon veins body constitution."

No one knows it, but actually, Yue Ming was born with his memories from his previous life intact! Who was he in his previous life? A Divine Alchemist! If it's not because he failed to transcend and became the Alchemist God he would not die. The only reason of his failure is because he was attacked while under tribulation from the heaven.

He was 5 years old when the expert were testing him, he purposely hid his cultivation level from them. Making it as if he was a trash with no future on cultivation.

A five year old Spirit Tempering cultivator is unheard off. He might be the one and only existed in this lower planes but he also knew he had more enemy than friends in this world.

He knew that his mother was poisoned when she was pregnant.

He already knew he was born a cripple because of the poison. But over the years, he slowly cure his poisoned body by circulating his Inner Qi and purge the poison out bit by bit.

Who would have thought he had started his cultivation since he was a day old?

He might look skinny, but he was no weakling. He just normally hides away in his dwelling and focused on his cultivation. So the chances that people came to cause trouble for him are almost neglible.

No one seemed to care of him. The wet nurse who fed him her milk already stopped coming once he was 6 years old and able to take care of himself.

He can't blame the servants for the lack of care, there are no merits in serving him at all. Thus he was mostly alone.

He sometimes spent months in the mountains to train his skills, collect spritual herbs for pill refining, or just simply wonders off to see the world where he currently lived. He even joined a powerfull sect!

Yet no one would notice him missing.

Years passed...

Now he was a beautifull 16 years old teenager. An age where marriage is set.

For the first time in his life. He got a golden scroll from his father the Emperor.

"Prince Yue Ming is the most talented of all Prince in Northen Empire.

For the hard earned truce between the country, we of the Royal Blood would set and example for it's subjects.

Thus we decreed Prince Yue Ming to be married off to the Emperor of the Southern Empire, Emperor Tian Ming as his Male Empress."

When he got the decree, he smiled.

"So Father had choose me to spite the Emperor of the Southern. He truly did not care if I'm alive or dead then. What most talented? I'm the renowned Trash Prince. He was sending me to my deaths door!"

But as one born with memories intact, he calmly accept the decree before preparing to set for the long journey south...


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