His Unwanted Male Empress
2 Thieves Are Everywhere.
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His Unwanted Male Empress
Author :Sueitachan
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2 Thieves Are Everywhere.

The Emperor truly was not stingy with his dowry, at least 13 carriages were filled with wealth.

But why did he not give him a spatial chest for it? 13 carriages filled with spirit stones and lots of other cultivation treasures would only mean trouble.

When he saw the grand proceedings with at least 100 cavalries and 50 servants to set along with him on the long journey south, he knew he was sent for his death.

The envoys for two countries were made public. If he was attacked on the way, his Father the Emperor could very well use it as a mean to restart the war!

Even if he safely arrived, his life would be one that is constantly on the edge.

Imagine a strong Emperor to be paired with a trash Male Empress. He would be killed sooner or later by the Emperor himself! No Emperor would choose a trash that cannot cultivate to lead his Inner Palace. How Would someone that is weak ruled over the strong? His Inner Palace would be in chaos!

The best decision would be to kill him due to 'natural' manners. Afterwards the spot for Empress would be open for grabs again.

According to Yue Ming's speculations,

The only deterent towards his death is the situation between both Empire.

Both already had problems with financing to due to the long extended war. The Southern Empire had it worse than the Northens as the Southern still had to defend itself from both East and West Empire.

So no matter how much the Emperor hated his trash Male Empress. He still would never kill him.

The proceeding of Prince Yue Ming started their journey at last. In his heart he already planned on how to 'steal' his own dowry before it got stolen by the bandits.

Night came, so the envoy had to stop for the night.

"Your Highness, your tent had been errected, please rest there for night." the head Servant respectfully called for him from outside the carriage.

"Alright, I'll be out soon" he nonchalantly replied them.

When he stepped out, he noticed how his tent was placed quite far away from the others. In normal circumstances, this meant they respect the owner of the tent. But he was not normal. For a trash that cannot cultivate, this setting is the most dangerous situation for him.

So it has started! He knew that something was amiss when he saw how far his tent is from the others. He was getting isolated.

If something happen to him in the middle of the night, the servants won't be blamed for this was the 'normal' tent setting for powerfull aristocrates.

In the end the Prince was out to fend for himself tonight.

His guess were proved correct! Late in the night when everyone was supposed to be asleep, someone sneak into the Prince's tent. He light up a Whitemist incense stick. The smell was sweet but if inhaled for over 3 hours, it would cause bleeding on the heart.

"That is a sweet smelling incense," the Prince nonchalantly commented.

"y-yes Your Highness. It would help you rest better for the night" the Head Servant replied stutteringly.

"okay, goodnight"

He was heaving a relieved sigh. In his heart he was filled with disdain over the Prince.

"I'll steal some of the dowry before I leave and lived somewhere else. Who told you to be born a royal while being a trash!"

But unfortunately for the Head Servant, he was dead before he could see his killer.

The next morning the servants was panicking with the sudden dead Head Servant. While they busy trying to find out the perpetrator, the Cavalry Captain stepped up and said his piece.

"we are out in the wild. In this situation everyone is to protect each other. Those who are dead would remain dead. Let's just continue the journey forward else the Prince would be delayed!"

The others reluctantly agreed with the Captain. Since they had lost their leader, they had temporarily elect someone to take over his post.

No one would have guessed that the Trash Prince was the one who killed the Head Servant.

Along the way, Yue Ming had seen how the servant 'unconciously' pocketted a few of the dowry. If he was a trash without cultivation then there is no way he would be able to found out about it.

But Yue Ming is a genuine Divine Realm cultivator! His senses were keener than the strongest in their group.

"This cockroaches were stealing my stuff right under my nose, see if I dont take it back. I won't be Yue Ming!"

The next day, the envoys lost more servants mysteriously. The remaining people in the envoys are those who never touched the Prince's dowry.

Since. Then, they all had a tacit agreement that the Prince's dowry were jinxed.

One of the servant refuse to listen and stole a few spirit stones, the next day he was found dead and hanged by a tree.

The words written in blood sent chills down their spine.

"Thieves will be killed without mercy"

By now, all of the envoy members was sure that there is a hidden expert protecting the Prince on their journey.

None of them would have thought that the expert was Prince Yue Ming himself!


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