His Unwanted Male Empress
3 Bandits Of The Pi Xiu Mountain
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His Unwanted Male Empress
Author :Sueitachan
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3 Bandits Of The Pi Xiu Mountain

On their journey down to the south, they had to cross the Pi Xiu Mountain. There is only one path connecting the two country and it's through the war site.

The war site between Northen Empire and the Southern Empire was never a vast plain but it's always in the rainforest jungle.

The original 100 strong cavalry were now only left with 85. The rest were killed because of thievery.

They all felt going inside the Mountain Path would only bring about trouble but they still had to move forward.

Of the 50 servant that were tasked to serve the Prince and guard the Dowry, only 15 were still with the envoy. Making the total number at 101 including Yue Ming himself.

"Your Highness, the road ahead would be dangerous with just us. How about we hire mercenary to add protection?" The Captain suggest with a goodwill.

Yue Ming lazily replied the Captain "No need to waste money on them. We will be fine. Continue the journey tomorrow morning. We shall not stop in the mountain path tonight" with the number of carriages they had. Coupled with the news about his journey to the south, there has to be bandits that already planned to ambush them on the way wether they are carefull or not.

To him, hiring mercenaries doesn't mean it's safer. Who would knew if the mercenary decided to be the robber instead?

The servants and calvalries camped outside while Yue Ming spend the night in the inn.

The next morning they all continue their journey forward as the Prince instructed.

As they progress forward, no one notice that the Prince had a companion inside the carriage.

"The Northen Emperor is a fool. To let a hidden gem like you to the enemy country, he would lose out a lot" the owner of the voice was none other than Yue Ming sworn brother, Ji Han.

"That is if I find the husband of mine worthy of my service or not." he nonchalantly commented.

"I don't know if you're a blessing or a curse for the Ghost Emperor." he chuckled.

"That would depends on how he acts around me" he sips the tea leisurely.

If the servants saw him at this moment, all of them would definitely be enchanted away. His indolent posture only gave off a noble air more noble than any royalties. While his body had no sorts of martial aura leaked out, one cannot help but feel opressed by his mere presence.

"Why didn't you just leave quitely? You of all others acting docilely under the decree seemed definitely unlike you at all" his best friend continued probing.

"Perhaps I could..." but in this world, no one acknowledge me as the strongest...

He kept his thought to himself.

To him, this bridal exchange is his ticket to final get out of the shell and trample upon all others.

He had yet exact his revenge for those who killed him in his past life, the betrayal he got were deeply etched in his bones!

Mu er, I'll be back for you sooner than you expect!


The smooth and peacefull journey were broken by the sound of battle cries and the swords clanging.

"Leave the Carriages and we'll spare your lives!"

"we are from the Wolves Fang Group! If you know what's best for. You then you better not mess with this daddy here!"

"Protect the Prince! Charge!!!"

Out side the situation were beyond chaotic. Cultivators fights off with their affinity elements. Some bends the fire, some controls the wind, some heals with the water, some used the plants to poison. It was almost uncontrolled.

No one notices a man leisurely get outside the Prince's carriage and stood on top of it.

"What a good Wolf Fang Group. Have you forget this daddy?!" he bellowed.

For a moment, both fighting parties were stunned from the Martial Qi pressure he emitted.

"T-this... This venerable one is at the Profound Realm!" the weaker Bandits panincked.

Only the leader of the bandits group seemed to be able to somehow stand againts the pressure.

"So it's Silver Moon Fox vice leader. We didn't know you had eyes on this envoys. But we all knew the rules. First come, first serve"

"I've been with the envoy since they stepped foot inside the Mountain path! If there's someone who should scram away, it's you guys!" his words made the Captain stunned, if he cannot sense the man amongts them, then his cultivation could only be at least a realm higher than him.

Right now, he still didn't know if the man is a friend or a foe.

"The Prince is my friend, he is under my protection. Try and see if I don't dare obliterate you all. Your leader is well aware of this fact. It must be you who are ignorant of this. I believe he won't reprimand me for setlling his mischievious underlings!"

Upon hearing the words, the Bandit Leader turned pale. It was true. All the small group leader were given notice about the Prince Envoy. They were all told not to act againts this envoy but he thought it was stupid to not rob the trash Prince. Thus he took it upon himself and lead his 60 strong underlings to attack the envoy.

"So are you going to scram or not?" he bellowed.

The bandits all scrambled to their feet as if running from a plague. But before they could go far, one by one the bandits fell to their deaths.

Even the Prince Envoy were shocked at the sudden death. They had no inkling on how the perfectly fine man suddenly fell to their deaths.

The only one who knew only raised his eyebrows in a nonchalant manners.

"Ruthless as ever, tch tch tch"

"I spare no mercy on those who tried to steal from me" the reply he got only made Ji Han shakes his head.


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