His Unwanted Male Empress
4 Meeting His Husband
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His Unwanted Male Empress
Author :Sueitachan
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4 Meeting His Husband

The rest of their journey were smooth sailing. The only ones who are still alive and well are those who had no idea about the Northen Emperor scheme to kill his own son on the way.

But because of the cleanup he made, the original 150 strong  progression was now only 78 strong left.

Their arrival were warmly accepted by the citizens of the South.

Yue Ming doned a face mask to hide his countenance. But even if the mask covered his face, it cannot totally hide his beauty. Just from his eyes alone were enough to make the citizens squeals.

"Long live Empress Yue Ming!"

"Long live Empress Yue Ming!"

The words echoed all through the capital.

Yue Ming smiled at the grand reception he gets. This Emperor of his surely is an interesting person.

He was led straight to the White Courtyard. While he could keep the remaining 4 servants into the Courtyard, the cavalry led by the Captain were ordered to return back home after they safely reached the Southern Imperial Palace.

Yue Ming must have been the most pitifull future Empress with only 4 servants by his side. Normally with such a status, one could bring up to a hundred servants to serve by their side.

Yue Ming had never cared for such thing, having 4 servants was only for a front. No one knows he had a number or shadow guards on his beck and call.

"Prince Yue Ming. The Emperor called for you in the Palace Hall" an eunuch aged around 15 respectfully announce it.

Yue Ming had yet to finish looking around his dwelling when the eunuch came with the Emperor's summon. He walked out side with a smile and said "Gong-gong please lead the way"

The Eunuch were stunned at the beauty in front of him before he forcefully cast his eyes downwards.

"Follow me Prince Yue Ming" he said before he lead Yue Ming all the way to the Palace Hall.

The distance would be nothing for cultivators, but as a trash that cannot cultivate, the walk alone would be a hard task to accomplish. He didn't blame the eunuch though, he might not knew about his 'special circumstances'. But even if he don't know, how could the Ghost Emperor not know? He was clearly trying to humiliate him subtly isn't he?

Yue Ming pursed his lips as he thought about it, if you want to play then I'll play along.

When he arrived at the Palace Hall, he saw the Emperor on his Imperial Seat. To his right where the Empress were suppose to sit, surprisingly sat a woman around 16 years old. That's supposed to be my seat isn't it? He thought inwardly.

"Long live the Emperor for thousands and thousands more years" he said while giving a full kowtow.

The Emperor kept silent for a while, as if savoring his torture upon his future Male Empress. While beside him the girl sweetly laid her head on the Emperor's shoulder. As if she was afraid that the others did not know that she was favored by the Emperor.

Yue Ming kept his head on the floor for a long while. The Palace Hall were dead with silence as they witness their Emperor shows his might upon the Northern Empire's Prince.

"Dear, it won't be good if his forehead is bleeding for tomorrow ascension, Empress in name or not, we still had to keep our front." The woman who sat on the Empress seat said with a sweet melodious voice.

The Emperor smiled and replied, "My Liu Ya is right, you can rise"

The glance he gave over Yue Ming was once that filled with undisguised contempt.

He saw mask covered most of his face, revealing only his eyes. But when he met that gaze, somehow his heart skipped a beat.

A trash is still a trash, what use of a beautiful eyes if he's as weak as an ant!?

He unknowingly released a heavy pressure due to his uncontrolled anger towards the Northern Emperor. He dared give me this trash to be my Male Empress?!

The pressure of a Profound Realm cultivator is not something that is easy to withstand. Among hide who are inside the hall, most of them had sprawled on the floor, some of the other fell to their knees. Even the proud Liu Ya were no exception. If it's not because she already sit down, she would still be kneeling

The only exception was Yue Ming himself, he stood there at the centre of the Hall staring straight into the Emperor's eyes. There could only be two reasons as to why the Emperor's Martial Qi pressure was ineffective towards Yue Ming.

One was because, being the trash meant he cannot feel the Martial Qi. Since he cannot feel the Martial Qi, it would have no effect whatsoever at him. The other reason is because the cultivation of the later is at least a realm higher.

Of course the Emperor would never have thought the reason why his pressure did not effect Yue Ming at all was because his cultivation is higher than himself.

"Tomorrow the Empress Ascension ceremony would be held. So make sure you are not late. Dismissed" with that, he withdraw his heavy aura while the others all heaved a relieved sigh.

"Yes your Highness, But before I leave, may I know why she is sitting in my seat?" He bravely asked the Emperor

The Emperor smirked at the question before he replied

"She is the real Empress of the Southern Empire. You are just an  Empress in name. Stop wasting my time" His reply was cold and heartless.

"I never said she could take what's rightfully mine. Husband." He nonchalantly said it. He acted like a jealous wife which made the Emperor laugh mockingly at the joke he made. In his eyes, this Male Empress of his is truly an idiot without brain.

"This is my palace, my words are rules. You should be thankfull I decided not to kill you. You better leave before I lose all of my patience!"


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