His Unwanted Male Empress
5 A Change Of Hear
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His Unwanted Male Empress
Author :Sueitachan
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5 A Change Of Hear

"Seems like you already made your decision to never let me be your Empress. Your Majesty, Let me give you a little piece of advice. Next time before you decided to trust rumors, you better find out about it yourself. Else you'll regret your past decision" he nonchalantly said as if he did not even feel afraid over the Emperor's wrath.

The Emperor stood up in indignant. He was about to personally teach Yue Ming a lesson when he suddenly was forced to sit down by a pressure many times stronger than his.

Right now, every single on in the hall had fainted or directly killed. The only exception was the Emperor who struggled to withstand it.

"Remember this my husband-in-name, since you never had the heart to know me at all then I suggest we shall take our own path after this. I won't bother you and you don't bother me. That would be according to your wish isn't it?"

Right now, the Emperor 's mind was blown away. What trash Prince, he clearly is way stronger than I am and he's just 16 years old!

The way he looked at Yue Ming had changed, at least there was no longer contempt. There was a mix of fear, surprise yet also a tinge of regret.

Yue Ming pulls back his pressure before he turned and walk away to leave while he indolently said "Sorry I killed your true Empress, I never quite fond of sharing. The Empress could only be me, unless you find someone stronger than me to forcefully take my seat!"

The Emperor were stunned. He never would have doubt his intelligence gathering. The Prince Yue Ming if the Northern Empire is truly a waste. Any citizen of the Empire knew it.

How come he suddenly became a once in a millennium talent?!

He made a gesture in the air, suddenly a man appears out of nothingness in a kneeling position "Your Majesty"

"Ning Ni, go contact people from the Hua Pavilion, Zhen want all information about Prince Yue Ming!"

"Yes, Your Majesty" with that the man dissappeared , leaving only the Emperor amongts the dead and fainted.

Towards the girl Liu Ya, she was actually just one of his shadow guards. She was just acting but now she had become the first to be sacrificed. She was in no way weak, but just now Yue Ming purposely killed her, and he was powerless to prevent it.

Sighing, he regrets his decisions. 'I am never fit to be an Emperor'

The next morning, rows upon rows palace servants came to get the Prince Yue Ming ready for the Empress Ascension. With all the commotion, Yue Ming was supposed to be awake early. But it seemed like he was adamant about sleeping in. No matter how the Eunuch tried to wake him up, he just won't get up.

Leave with no choice, the Eunuch ran over to the Emperor's Dragon Pavilion to report the situation.

"Your Majesty, we had tried every possible way we could but Prince Yue Ming won't wake up." The Eunuch looked like he was about to cry. This is the first time he had problem waking up someone. If it's any normal day, then it would not be a problem. But it just happen that today is the Empress Ascension day!

The Emperor already clad in his Ceremony Robe, he too had to wake up earlier than usual just for today ceremony. He already had a sleepless night, but when he heard of his future Male Empress still asleep, rage filled his heart.

How dare he still be sleeping! See if this daddy don't spank that boy up!

He didn't even reply the Eunuch when he already head towards the White Courtyard.

Inside the white courtyard inner chamber, Yue Ming slowly woke up. He first saw a pair of voluptuous milkiness of a servant who tried to shake him up.

With a mischievous smile he hugged the servant and snuggled his face into the servant's breast. "Mmmn... What a good pillow"

It was right at this moment that the Emperor kocame striding in.

He was already having a bad mood, seeing his suppose to be Lord Empress rolls around on the bed with a female servant only made it worse.

"Yue Ming! What do you think you are doing?!" The Emperor bellowed.

Somehow the voice filled with rage woke him from the stupor completely, as he realise what he had done, he sheepishly smiled to the Emperor "I thought it was a dream..."

He then vanished to the back room to get himself the morning ablution and a bath.

He was so fast that the Emperor didn't have a chance to say anything. He stared at the servant with a glare that could kill. The girl kowtowed on the floor trembling in fear.

He did not want blood to spill on the day he married, so he just dismissed all the servants inside the room out of anger.

Yue Ming did not take long, he soon came out from the back room clad in a towel around his waist. His wet hair cascade down on his white skin. His body was beautifully sculpted.

The rage the Emperor felt vanish into thin air when he saw his future Empress countenance for the first time. He took his mask off when he wash his face and think it's a hassle to put it back on.

Yur Ming would never had thought that the Emperor was still inside the room. He confusedly looks around but the room was devoid of servants.

He saw the fire inside the Emperor's eyes. Somehow it made him feel a bit uncomfortable. "Hmn, I need to get dressed, would you mind calling in the servant to help me with these Ceremonial Robe?"

I was not that he can't wear his own clothes. But the Ceremonial Robe was a complicated apparel that had layers upon layers to put on. He was not familiar with it so it was impossible for him to wear it by himself.

When the Emperor heard him, jealousy crept in his heart. This man is mine! Somehow he hated the idea of letting the servant saw him like this.

With his heartbeats fast. He tried to control his feelings from leaking out on his face as he strode forward and pick up the first layer of clothing.

"Remember this, as long as you are Zhen's Empress, then that means all of you are mine! Since were going to be husband and wife from now on, I'll let you know one thing. I hate sharing too! If I found out you were putting on a green hat on me again, see if I don't kill each and everyone of them!"

While he spouts his warning, his hands were gently working around Yue Ming's body. One by one the clothes were placed on Yue Ming's body, up to the Outer Robe that is red in color and embroidered with the 7 tails phoenix. Signifies the status of the wearer as the Empress.


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