His Unwanted Male Empress
6 Empress Ascencion Ceremony
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His Unwanted Male Empress
Author :Sueitachan
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6 Empress Ascencion Ceremony

"Remember this, as long as you are Zhen's Empress, then that means all of you are mine! Since were going to be husband and wife from now on, I'll let you know one thing. I hate sharing too!..."

The words from the Emperor's mouth echoed inside his heart. He would be lying if he didn't feel happy by the words. That is why he only gently stare at his husband as he dress him up. Trying to commit everything into his memories.

The Emperor was only 18 years old. His black Ceremonial Robe was embroidered with 5 claws dragon. A symbol that only the Emperor could wear. His look was perfect.

Tian Ming was well aware of the Yue Ming's stare on him but he didn't reprimand him. He just kept a stoic face, as if he didn't feel anything although his heart could burst from the excitement he felt.

He might thought his act of keeping a stoic face working as the future Empress of his didn't even make a sound as he dressed him up. But it's actually because Yue Ming was enjoying the pampering he got. Besides, his red ears give away his true feelings. But of course the Emperor would not know about it.

As he slowly works around Yue Ming, he was partially hoped that it would last longer. When he doned Yue Ming with the belt. He purposely took longer and got closer. He was so close his breath touched Yue Ming's cheeks. Yue Ming closed his eyes as he tried to reign in the tears pooling up on his eyes.

How long has it been since the last time someone cared for me like this?

When Tian Ming were done with the belt, he notices how Yue Ming closed his eyes. He took the moment to stare at the man that would soon be his Empress.

Beautiful, truly beautiful. He raised his hand to do Yue Ming's hair. As he did so, he purposely took longer and he even sneak to smell his hair.

"Your Majesty, the auspicious hour is here"

Both of them were secretly praying for the moment to last longer, but unfortunately the ceremony still had to be done. The Eunuch reminder woke the two of them from their dream.

"Don't embarrass me!" Was what the Emperor said before he left Yue Ming behind.

The news about how the Emperor personally dressed his Lord Empress would soon travel throughout the world. Some disdain the act while others feels it's shows how an Emperor suppose to act towards his Empress. In years to come the act would be a tradition. But of course, it was for the future to be told.

The Empress Ascension was a long and strict Ceremony. Yue Ming was sent to the Imperial Gate before the parade started. The Imperial Gate was normally closed and only opened for ceremonies like the Emperor's Ascension or the Empress Ascension.

Today was the day where the citizens of Southern Empire would be allowed to go inside the Imperial Palace ground. But they were only allowed to be at the Imperial Plaza.

The citizens slowly followed behind the Empress 's carriage at a certain distance. Once the carriage arrived at the Imperial Steps, Yue Ming slowly get out of the carriage.

Today he did not wear his mask for it was considered inauspicious so the crowd gasp at the beauty of their Male Empress. Even the Emperor waiting at the top was stunned.

Yue Ming took a step at a time as he look up to the Emperor. Their gazes met and the happenings at the morning filled their thoughts.

It was a tradition for the Empress to try to skip the stairs. As it was also to show the citizen that their Empress is someone who are strong enough to rule beside the Emperor.

Yue Ming knew of this, and the warning he got from the Emperor was actually about the stairs.

So after he took the third steps, he directly leapt up and arrived in front of the Emperor in a blink of an eye. The crowd cheered loudly as there has never been someone who could skip almost a thousand stairs in one go!

Even the Ministers and the Eunuchs were surprised. They all knew Prince Yue Ming is a cultivation trash. So how did he manage to skip 997 flight of stairs?! Even they themselves could never do it!

The only one who knew Yue Ming is not a trash is the Emperor himself. He smiled at Yue Ming as he took his hand and lead his Empress to the altar for their vows.

They kneel face to face on the altar, ready to be officially married.

"First drink for the citizens of the Empire, May our Empress bring blessing and fertility to the land and its people!" The ceremony Eunuch bring a cup of plain water on a tray for both Yue Ming and Tian Ming.

They each took a cup. Then they cross their hand as they drink the water in one go while kneeling on the altar.

"The second drink for the Royalties, may the Empress brought upon the next generation of wise and emphatic ruler!"

At the words, Yue Ming blushed as he was surprised at the proclamation of having him bear the Emperor's children. In this world, even a male could get pregnant so it was not surprising to find a male marrying another male.

This time, the cup were filled with Fertility drugs for Yue Ming and a Vitality drugs for the Emperor. They crossed hand again before they drink from their respective cups.

"Third drink is for oneself, may the Emperor and Empress lived happily ever after filled with love and care upon each other!"

This time the cup was filled with wine. It symbolizes pleasure and wealth.

Once they finished with their drink, the Eunuch announce "The Phoenix has landed on it's nest!" And the ministers who all kneeled inside the hall kowtowed as the Emperor and Empress stood up.

They walked out to see the citizens and once the citizen saw the Emperor, they all kowtowed while reciting "Long Live the Emperor, Long live the Empress," seven times in a row.

Silence filled the Imperial Palace while all the citizens kowtowed, Yue Ming was feeling quite overwhelmed by the view of hundred thousands people kowtowing towards him and the Emperor.

He unconsciously grasp Tian Ming's hand tighter. "Things would be different if I was truly a waste, don't you think so Your Majesty?" He said without looking at Tian Ming.

"I'm sorry, I knew I was not suppose to vent my anger on you. Come to think of it, you're just another victim of your Father's cruelty." The Emperor said gently.

"From now on, I would have nothing to hide anymore..." Yue Ming's word was filled with relief and determination.


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