His Unwanted Male Empress
7 No, I“m NOT Bottoming For You!!
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His Unwanted Male Empress
Author :Sueitachan
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7 No, I“m NOT Bottoming For You!!

After the Ascension Ceremony, the Imperial City were bustling with festivities. The Emperor and the Empress retreated into their nuptial chamber while the citizens having fun with the festivities set by the Palace.

An awkward silence filled the room once the two newlywed were left alone.

Yue Ming was having fun staring at the awkward Emperor who looked bashfull and embarrassed to get near.

"Husband, are you afraid of me?" He teasingly ask Tian Ming while he sat on the bed.

Tian Ming frown before he scoff. "Who's afraid of his wife? I was just thinking if you are worthy of my love."

Yue Ming chuckled at the answer as he could see the flushed look on the Emperor's face stated otherwise.

He stood up and pour a drink on the table before he sat down and then said "They said it's a custom in the southern for the newlywed to feed each other once they enter the nuptial chamber. They said it symbolizes the purpose of a wedding. That is to provide for each others need. Is it true?"

There's a full course meal served on the table but only one bowl to eat from. Yue Ming was almost sure that they had to share the same bowl and same chopstick to eat.

"That is just a silly custom. You don't have to follow it if you don't want to." Tian Ming strides into the back chamber to take off his Ceremonial Robe. He was feeling stuffy and hot after a whole day wearing such thick clothes.

Ceremonial Robe was truly complicated to wear and take off, usually he would always need a servant to help him take it off but there's no servant in the nuptial chamber at the moment, so he had to struggle by himself.

"stupid ceremonial robe!" Just when he was about to just tear the clothes off, a pair of slender white hand came from his back and helped him took off the clothes.

He turned abruptly and when he saw it was Yue Ming, he frowns before he asked "What are you doing?"

"Just fulfilling one of the Southerner's customs inside the bridal nuptial chamber. They said, the newlywed had to help each other when they undress for the night. It symbolizes the marriage ties two people together, that they had to help each other through thick and thin." Yue Ming continued to took off the clothes layer by layer up to the last before he stopped.

"It seemed like you love doing this kind of stupid things. It's surprising." Tian Ming tried not to show his delight by mocking Yue Ming. But deep inside his heart he too felt happy to get the attention.

"We only get married once. Besides, not everyone had the chance to wed properly. I used to think that I'd be married off to someone as a male concubine. You do know that this customs is only for husband and wife don't you?" Deep inside his eyes, Tian Ming could detect a hidden sorrow.

"Why did you hide yourselves so deeply? With your talent, I doubt there would ever be a father who would still cast you away, even if you're just a concubine born."

"It's not that I don't want to be acknowledged, it's just my enemy is the Emperor and Empress themselves. The only way I would truly be safe is once I was sent away from that place." There's a tinge of loneliness behind his words. Tian Ming somehow could see a lone boy, isolated and off to fend himself.

The sadness in his eyes, burns his heart with determination. I'll make you smile again. Whomever tried to hurt you shall face my wrath!

He pulls Yue Ming closer as he started to undress him. "You're right, we only get married once. So let's do all the customs you ever heard off if that's what you wished for. From now on, you are this Emperor's Empress. I would give you everything you ever wished for but in return, I expect only greatness from my wife. Understood?"

When he finished, he saw tears running down Yue Ming's cheeks. 16 years! 16 years he had to struggle all alone. He made name for himself but no one knew it's him. His other self could instill fear just from his name but no one knew the real him.

Tian Ming wipes off the tears from Yue Ming's eyes. Slowly he pulled him into his embraced and they stay that way for a while.

"Come on, it's bad luck for the marriage if the bride is crying on their first night together" Tian Ming tried to console his wife.

Yue Ming chuckled at the bad attempt his husband did. He jokingly said "Can't you find better words to appease me? If I were a girl that would only made me cry harder you know?"

Tian Ming pouted before he replied.

"Then it's my luck to get a male as my bride then."

Yue Ming felt better at the words Tian Ming uttered.

The luckiest one is me...

"So, what should we do now?" Tian Ming ask after he saw Yue Ming had calmed down.

"I heard that the husband had to carry the wife wherever she wanted to go for the night. It's bad luck to let the bride walk on her feet around the nuptial chamber when she had a husband to rely on"

"what silly custom is that?" Tian Ming muttered but he still carries Yue Ming on his back despite the complains

"where do you want to go?"

"The bath... We have to bath together as we had to wash each other. It signifies a clean start between the two of us. Whatever happen in the past, stays in the past... Or something like that..." Yue Ming blushed. He could just pretend not to know about this customs but he truly wanted to try it as well. Besides, after a long day wearing the Ceremonial Robe, he felt all sticky and sweaty.

"Just my luck to have a male instead of female to enjoy the bath together..." Tian Ming whined.

"What? Are you not satisfied having me as your partner?" Yue Ming asked.


And so the night progressed smoothly for the Emperor and his Empress. The mood was set, but soon their first quarrel as husband and wife arise...

"No..... ! I'm not bottoming for you!" the scream woke up half of the palace's servant awake...


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