His Unwanted Male Empress
8 The Memories Of His Pas
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His Unwanted Male Empress
Author :Sueitachan
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8 The Memories Of His Pas

The night for a newlywed were usually filled with silence, or passionate sounds between two entangled bodies.

But for the Emperor and his Male Empress, the night were spent fulfilling superstitions and... The quarrel on who should be the top...

"I'm waaaay stronger than you are, You should carry my child and I'll protect you!"

"Y-you! Have you ever heard of a pregnant Emperor! You are the Empress for a reason! Idiot!"

"I'm not bottoming for you, so what are you going to do about it?!"

"Fine! You think this Emperor could only sleep with you? Rather than waste my time here I'd better of sleeping with one of my concubine!" Tian Ming were vexed at the hardheaded Yue Ming. He jumped off the bed and started to pick up his clothes to wear.

Yue Ming who were similarly naked could only stare as he watch Tian Ming get dressed in fury. Seeing as the Emperor was adamant on leaving, he panicked.

"H-Husband..." He weakly called, he felt something tugging hard on his heart, making him feel as if he was suffocated.

Unfortunately, Tian Ming kept silent as he continue to dress up. "Just sleep, I'm leaving" was what he said in anger before he leave the room.

Yue Ming were shocked. He almost cannot believe that he was left alone on his wedding night.

As he stared the retreating figure, something inside his heart broke. It triggered a forgotten memory from when he was 5 years old in this life.

That day, he was sneaking around the palace and he stumbled upon the Emperor.

"Who is this child?" He asked the Eunuch. Clearly he had forgotten his own children.

"Imperial Father" He called with a smile. Even when he was 5 years old, he looked beautiful. So the Emperor picked him up.

"Are you Yue Ming? You're so light." He said.

Yue Ming was happy to get his father attention. Maybe if he showed how talented he is, he might get the protection he needed to safely grew stronger.

"Father will come to play with you tonight okay? For now, go back and be a good boy. Father had a lot of work to finish" he said amiably.

"Alright father, take care of yourself" was what he said at the Emperor.

That night, the Emperor truly came. At first they were playing the go. But as the time goes, the Emperor get touchy feely way to much.

He kept kissing, hugging and tickle him. At first he though that the Emperor just like playing with his children. But he was wrong.

That night the Emperor do something that no father should have done to a five years old.

It was a  traumatic experience for him. He was tortured. His screams of agony that reverberates through the palace feels as if no one heard it.

That is when he decided to hide his talent altogether and hides away from the rest of the world.

Yue Ming hugged his legs while he cried. It's not that he didn't want to serve Tian Ming, but he was too traumatized by the experience that it broke him deep inside.

While he cried, another set of memory from his past life came into his mind.

On the Upper Plane, he was born as a commoner's daughter. She had the talent and the look envied by even the nobles. As she get older, her suitor for marriage also increases. Finally she was married of to a Prince as his Main Wife.

At first, she thought her life were blessed, she had a noble husband and wealth that her family could never gave. But she was wrong.

She was infertile, to a woman, being infertile is the worse that could happen. She was striped off her place as the Main wife by the concubine.

One day she get pregnant, but her pregnancy came late. The Main Wife forced her to drink the abortion drug. Which she denied with all her life.

While she was struggling, her husband came. He was the light she could hoped for but his words cruelly crushed her dreams. "Just die and save me from the trouble would you?"

The retreating back made her heart broke. His retreating back left her with no hope. That is the day she died, killed by the wife of the man she loved with all her heart.

He betrayed her, he betrayed her all. The retreating back of his husband triggered all the bad memories...

"Don't leave me... Don't hate me... Don't hurt me..." The words repeatedly came out of his lips but there's no one that heard him.

The pain from all the memories broke something inside him... That night, something change inside him...

In the meanwhile, the Emperor retreated to his Study for the night. He was about to sleep when His Shadow Guard came with all the info he asked for about Yue Ming.

"Bastard! Shit!" Tian Ming feels like he wanted to personally go to the Northern Imperial Palace and kill the Emperor for what he had done to Yue Ming years ago.

He was regretting his actions. He was not suppose to let his anger took the best of him. But he just did. He remembered how Yue Ming called for him weakly and he ignored him.

He took a fast stride to their nuptial Chamber. Only to find and empty bed. He touched the pillow and he realized, it was wet from tears. He slumped weakly on the bed side..

Just what have I done?


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