His Unwanted Male Empress
9 Going Back To The Qilin Sec
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His Unwanted Male Empress
Author :Sueitachan
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9 Going Back To The Qilin Sec

"Qingliu, what's the commotion is about?" A slender and beautiful figure of a lady rested on a recliner on the Blossom Courtyard.

Her beauty could rival the flowers in the vicinity, but the tranquility she loved were broken by the sounds of marching soldiers.

"This servant shall go inquire, My lady." Not half an incense stick had passed before she came back with the news.

"My lady, The Emperor decreed a search party for the missing Lord Empress" she whispered.

Such a news was not to be said out loud, it might offending the Emperor.

"Really? Just what in the world Senior Brother is thinking? Though I must say, it was quite a surprise yesterday. I never knew that Senior Brother is the renowned trash Prince of the North. He really hides deeply"

"My Lady, what should we do?"

"What to be done? It's none of our business, we can't go offend any party so just act like we don't know anything."

The Senior Brother that she knew of was truly a devil incarnate. Often more than not he was cold and ruthless. Who knew what would happen if she goes blabering about him to the Emperor.

She better just act as if she didn't know this Senior Brother of her.

"My White Lily little sister, how could you act as if you did not know this Senior Brother of yours?" Yue Ming came out of nowhere and cradles the girl inside his embrace.

"You! Did you forget where we are? I'd be dead if the Emperor caught us like this!"

"Tch, ever since you became his concubine you never let me hug you anymore. Is this how a sister supposed to act?" Yue Ming pouted playfully while he pinch the tender bottom of the girl.

"Auch, that is what I wanted to ask! Is this how a Senior Brother suppose to act?! You are the Emperor's Lord Empress for goodness sake!"

"He doesn't deserve my love. I still loved women more. They are cuter and much more fun to be with. So what if I'm a Lord Empress? I still had to share him with others!"

"Your possessiveness is going to be the worst of you" she rolled her eyes.

"Anyway, you brother here thought it was time for him to go back to meet Master." He said while he plays with the girl's hair.

"What? You know you won't be able to leave if you back this time. Master was adamant on making you the Sect Patriarch."

"That would be the best for me. I'd just leave this secular world and focus on my cultivation. But I'll missed you like always of course." He kissed her nose as he slowly rocked her inside his embrace.

"Just go die already! You were never serious with any girl. Don't think I don't know that you're still a virgin" the girl pinched his cheeks cheekily.

From afar. The two truly looked like a pair of lover teasing each other playfully.

Only the two of them knew that they had the bond like a real brother and sister. Maybe more but never a lover.

White Lily had once fall for this Senior Brother of her. But he politely reject her and treated her like his own little sister. In this world, if Ji Han is his brother, then White Lily is his sister. Only the two of them were close enough to him to joke and play like this. Even so, Ji Han only knew he was a North Prince when they crossed the Pi Xiu Mountain, while White Lily found out yesterday at the Empress Ascension ceremony.

While the two continued to play and joke with each other, a raged Emperor was watching from a distance. His heart was filled with unexplainable emotions as he watched his Empress having an affair with one of his concubine.

"Bai xia, heed my words. The concubine Bai Hua has commit adultery with the Lord Empress Yue Ming, had disgraced the Emperor and thus, concubine Bai Hua were to be exiled to the Pi Xiu Mountain!" He then left the place and head to the Imperial training grounds.

The unknowing soldiers had to face the wrath of the Emperor as he spar with them until they cannot stand up or severely injured.

When White Lily got the edict, she was calm. She was suppose to be a goodwill sign between their sect and the Southern Empire. So she just treated this as a mission she need to accomplish.

The Emperor cannot kill her, so an exile would also mean to let her go back to the sect. The sect will punish her on his behalf for the adultery reason.

But of course, the Emperor never knew that his Lord Empress is the next generation Patriarch.

"Seems like you're stuck with me, my lovely sister." Yue Ming joked.

"Idiot brother! You had to take responsibility for me! You're the reason my child is now fatherless!" She fumed.

Yue Ming were shocked, he looked at the slight bulge on White Lily then to her frowning face, then back to her belly.

"You're pregnant?!"

White Lily sigh as she sat down. "Don't think too much about it. I'll go back to the sect with you. It's just... Growing up without a father like me... My child would have it hard." As she reminisce her past. She too grows up without a father. Her mother was an abandoned concubine before the sect elder took her in as his adopted daughter.

Yue Ming felt guilty over the matter, he was sure the Emperor saw them, he just want to tease that man before he left.

Who told you to leave me and sleep with your concubine? How do you feel if I go play with them huh? But what he doesn't know is, the Emperor came back not long after he left. He did not sleep with his concubine either.

Now, the joke went too far and it even affects the future of innocent lives.

"I'll be his father. I could be a good father too you know?" He gently caress the slight bump on her.

"Silly brother, you could only be his uncle." She was about to cry but she held it in.

"Did you forget? The child of my husband is also mine..."

He hugged her as he calmed her down. She finally cried her heart out. Acting tough all the time was tiring for the girl as well.

"Let's go back home" he whispered.


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