His Unwanted Male Empress
10 The Alchemist Emperor
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His Unwanted Male Empress
Author :Sueitachan
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10 The Alchemist Emperor

"So, your Male Empress had an affair out of nowhere with your concubine and they even ran away together?" A youth not older than 20 dressed in a white scholar robe asked while he drank his tea.

"Mnn" Tian Ming grunts. Judging by how the two interacted, they seemed close.

"You, the Emperor just got cuckolded? Bwahahahaha... you are the first emperor in history to have such a bad luck with his Inner Chambers. Hahahaha" the guy clad in white laugh out at the later. It's as if he didn't care about offending the Emperor of the Empire.

"It seemed like you enjoyed laughing at my misfortunes brother. Are you done with your life?" Tian Ming grimaced at his older brother.

"Say, that Empress of yours surely had the look that could swoon any lady he wanted. But how long has that particular concubine be with you? If I remembered correctly she's from the Qilin Sect isn't it?"

"You seemed to know my concubines better than me. Don't tell me you too had a fling with my concubines while I'm busy"

"I'd rather called it acompaniment. Those flowers are true beauty it would be a waste not to go see them once in a while."

"tch. If you like them so much go ahead and ask for a few. Take all of them if you want. Save me the trouble to try for babies everyday like I had nothing else to do!" Tian Ming's words made the nearby eunuch twitched weirdly.

"Anyway, I'm going to find him. So you had to take over my job here until I manage to drag that ungrateful Lord Empress back home."

"This is temporary right? I don't want to stay an Emperor for long you know. I won't be able to handle it.!" He pleaded.

"Then you should pray for that Lord Empress of mine to get back sooner." Tian Ming had said his piece, he stepped into the teleportation Array before he vanished into thin air.

"Tian Ming, giving up your seat like this is too careless..." He shakes his head as he stared at the empty spot his brother previously stands at.

"So, which flower should I enjoy for the night? Hmn... The Prime Minister's daughter had a good voice...or maybe Shu er from the Talented Ladies Hall? Ah.. I'll go pester that hot tempered lady then." The eunuch felt headache coming. The two men looked exactly the same. If not for their different temperament, it would be very hard to differentiate between the two.

The ministers of the Southern Empire are going to have a hard time while the older brother act as the Emperor...

Tian Ming stepped out of the teleportation array in the middle of the city. He was going to search for Yue Ming under disguise. He cannot go around with his identity as the Southern Ghost Emperor. He got too many foes than friends.

He first go to the Alchemist Association, not many knew it but he was one of the multi talented cultivator. He practice both Martial Dao and Alchemistry.

"I wished to take the alchemist test" he said his purpose. Going around the globe with the identity as and alchemist sounds safer because no one wished to blatantly offend an alchemist. The profession was a united one. Offending one would result in offending all the alchemists under the banner.

He choose the most distinguished Alchemist Association named the Godly Couldron Association. They had branches scattered all over the 4 Empires and most often than not had no political ties with the ruling monarch. They treated everyone equally, they speak with money and no reason at all.

But because of it, the enrolment test were often set too high for alchemist with mediocre talent. The only alchemist manage to get into the Godly Cauldron were often only the best of the best.

"The fee would be 10 Medium Grade spirit stones" the guy at the counter said. He was a rank 2 Alchemist.

Tian Ming spared no qualms when he paid the fee. The guy at the counter then lead him inside an enrolment chamber. There was always people trying to pass the test. So there are many enrolment chambers build solely for the testing purpose.

Inside each chamber, there would be an alchemist of rank 3 or higher as the judge.

Tian Ming step into the chamber with a calm demeanor. There was only an empty table in the middle of the chamber.

"Welcome, I'm Hong Ma. A fourth rank alchemist. We shall test your basic aptitude with a Clear Mirror. This mirror would be able to tell your aptitude class without error. " The appraiser placed an oval mirror on the table for Tian Ming.

Tian Ming did not say anything, he just placed his right palm on the mirror and slowly inject his divine sense into it.

Martial Dao cultivator cultivates their inner qi while Alchemist Cultivator cultivates their divine sense. That is the difference between the two profession.

Light oozed out of the mirror surface before it dimmed in a after a few second. Tian Ming took of his hand and the there it shows seven colors mixed randomly on the water like surface of the mirror.

The Appraiser  almost couldn't contain his excitement as he saw the aptitude result. "7 colors! It's actually seven colors!"

To an Alchemist, 7 colors meant the highest aptitude. It signified an affinity for all 7 elements existed.

Alchemistry needs affinity with certain element to produce corresponding dao pill. Martial Dao cultivator also had affinity to certain element but it was cultivated into Martial Qi instead.

An Alchemist on the other hand used the affinity to the element during pill refining process. For example, a pill to help a fire attributed Martial Dao Cultivator need an alchemist with fire affinity to make their pills. They cannot use a wind element Dao Pill or it would cause in deviation to their cultivation.

The relationship between a Martial Dao Cultivator and an Alchemist is that of a mutual partnership.

An Alchemist that had multiple affinity was sought after by many big establishment. Many of them would willing to invest in the growth of such individual as to nuture one alchemist is cheaper then to nuture two.

"Such a talent is the first to come for a hundred years! I only ever heard of the Ghost Emperor with such talent. But no one had actually seen it if it's true or just a made up rumors. You on the other hand... gosh, this is big. Would you mind if I called the higher ups? This is beyond my capabilities" the appraiser were beyond excited. Today would be the most memorable day of his life!


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