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2 I“m not dead
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Author :Hangatyr
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2 I“m not dead

Hello there!! How are you? It's been a while, right?

Do not worry, I'm not here to let your low (extremely low) expectations that this novel will continue at some point drop to the empty realms of web novel. On the contrary, I'm here to say that I will continue the novel. Yay!!!

Well, the story is quite long, after all, it's been what? 8 months? I think more... Well, I'm on fault here so, I can't say anything about it.


The exams before going to University, blah blah blah, the exams to enter University, blah blah blah, the exams of the University...etc. You can imagine it. After all, many of the new authors did the same. Well, I don't think myself differently about them. Damn, it takes time to do things on the Uni.

I can't say that I will continue the novel right away. I can't even tell that I will continue it, but I can say that the novel is again on my head. My little, stupid brain has managed to think again about something I, actually, though I will never touch.

Well, it's been a while and a lot of things have changed on Inkstone. The most noticeable for me is that I can see view, favourites and other things. Yay!! I think I could do that before, but well, I really don't remember. I like to see that this novel is still on someone library. Still, I would like to know who's alive. So salute me on the commentaries.

After reading a few fanfics on the page, I have come to the realization that I suck. I'm really bad at what I do. Dang, there are some fanfics that I like more than the original. Few, but there are. So much talent.

Another thing I have come to realize is the fact that I like data, I need a way to force feed people data, information about the novel. Because I know that chapters full of exposition dialogue is just shit. Well, exposition to a decent point is good and even welcome in some cases but I like to gather a lot of info before I do anything. Basically, because if I do something based on another person work I would like it to be truthful to their work, worth it. I think I railed away from the point. What I wanted to say is that before I post anything about an anime, start again the novel...etc. I will make a full investigation of what I can do on it, the personalities of the characters, background...etc. I will not make the same mistakes I did or at least I will try not to.

I also like the idea of making a way for readers to speak with me and here I will drop a link to the Discord Server I made. (Hint, hint, hint)

Don't have many expectations, I literally thought about making one while writing this. Well, I'm lying. I actually made the server a day before and I think I had actually made one when the novel was still alive. To the point, I would really like to interact more to my readers that on the comments. I mean, I don't really speak too much but I like to speak, share opinions and thoughts with someone that is reading my novel so that I have an outsider opinion. I actually did this with some of my friends, they told me the same as some people on the comments. I will quote some of my friends thoughts.

"You are just literally copying the dialogues and pasting them."

"You are following the same as the Anime. You haven't change anything at all."

Stuff like that. And you know? They were right. As I said, I don't have talent. Heck, English is not even my main language. (Not that I would be able to write something amazing on my main language, though) Dang, wish I had some talent. As I said in my really old announcement, I write because I like. I have read a lot of novels and I would like to write one. That's what every reader wants to do but is faced with a great wall, talent and effort. Without them, well, you can see all these empty shells on web novel. With great potential but left behind. Still, I can't say anything as I did the same.

By the way, I'm sorry for the mistakes I'm definitely doing. I'm just writing what I think from the heart without thinking. Well, there's some small program that's helping me with the mistakes but everyone can tell apart if one has any talent or not.

Let me check if I have covered the points I wanted to tell. Yeah, they are. Well, it's not like I had beforehand though what I wanted to say. I just as I was doing some investigation realized that it should be good to write something saying that I'm not dead and the novel may resurrect.


I'm not dead.

Some excuses.

I don't have talent.

I want a way to speak with the readers. (hint, hint, hint)

I may resurrect the novel.


Hangatyr (Hanga for friends).


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