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Sneaky CEO and His Secretary Girlfriend
Author :Naibao
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20 The Death

Yan Rui returned to the villa in the morning. Meng Fei were making breakfast when suddenly Yan Rui hug her from behind.

"Where did you go last night?" - Meng Fei

"Finding concubines." - Yan Rui

Meng Fei rolled her eyes and continue her works.

"Where is Xi and Feng? We need to returned to the villa." Rui

"They were out to have morning exercise. They should be back in half an hour. What's wrong? Do we bring them along?" - Fei

"Yes, Zi got involved in a car crashed last night." - Rui

Meng Fei's body stiffened.

"Wa ..Was it serious?" - Fei

"Zi broke her left arm while her husband injured his head." - Rui

"What about Little Yun? Is he alright? Was he together with First sister?" - Fei

Yan Rui just keep silent. He then pick up his phone to call Yan Xi. Meng Fei suddenly felt weak. Her legs are shaky. She holds onto the countertops to support herself from falling.
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"Where are you? Come home now. We need to go back to villa. First sister got a car accident." - Yan Rui

Yan Rui speaks without pause and void emotion. The chaffeur had arrived, Yan Rui carries Meng Fei into the car and asked the chaffeur to call someone to clean the house. Yan Xi and Meng Feng rushes to car without waiting any longer.

"Why did you just tell me now?" - Yan Xi

Yan Xi got enraged for his brother only tells him just now.

"I just knew it this morning." - Yan Rui

"No! You were lying. If you just know it you wouldn't be so calm." - Yan Xi

"Xi, its okay. Now we knew it right. Just calm down first." Meng Feng

"Damn it!" - Yan Xi

The journey took up 2 hours to the Yan's Family Villa. When they arrived, there were already a few Yan's family member gathered at the villa wearing black outfit. Yan Xi get out of the car and rushes inside the house.

"Mom, what happened? Why is everybody wearing black outfit?" - Yan Xi

"Calm down Xi, go changed first." - Rong Lingwei

"No! Tell me now. What happened? Where is first sister? Little Yun, where is he? Are they alright?" - Yan Xi

"Yan Xi, your first sister broke her arm and brother in law got head injuries. But Little Yun, he... He did not make it. He already left us to a better place." - Rong Lingwei

Rong Lingwei couldn't keep her calm anymore as she broke down into tears while hugging her son. Yan Xi got stunned. He couldn't hear anything anymore as he stood there like a statue.
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    《Sneaky CEO and His Secretary Girlfriend》