The General
60 Not to be messed with
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The General
Author :SaiKirito
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60 Not to be messed with

Looking at the big now Ogre Rou, the cloaked figured retreated a bit. Soon their bodies glowed green and their size became that of a normal beastkin (4ft tall). "Che, the time ran out! Get her and let's go!" the foremost cloaked guy said.

They all lunged at Rou who was standing with his huge battle Axe. His armor was specifically designed for his skill so it also became big with him.

Rou smashed at them with his battle Axe with the intent to kill. The assassins were very nimble compared to Rou so they dodged with ease. But Rou wasn't a run of the mill kind of warrior. He's an elite of the Iron Guard! A pride of the Axe warriors! No matter what kind of obstacle he may face, he will either cut it down or smash it down.

"Che, this guy is starting to be a pain in the ass!"

"Get done with him already!"

"We are trying!"

They shouted while dealing with Rou. Rou didn't even have a scratch on his body. Knowing when to dodge, when to strike, the assassins couldn't land a hit on him.

Using this, the soldiers guarding the princess and Lily tried to escape. They can't miss a chance like this since Rou was trying his best dealing with twenty assassins. If they were to be targeted, then he can't save them while dodging the attacks.

They left the square and ran towards the garrison. Unfortunately, six of the assassins caught up. Two were on the roof with their crossbow and bow while the others were close combatants with melee weapons such as daggers and shot swords. Half of the guarding soldiers split of and faced them.

The princess gritted her teeth and stopped running. The soldiers got confused and surrounded her. "Princess!what are you doing! We have to get out of here! Let's go!" the Lieutenant said. "I'm done with running! I'm not going to run while the soldiers of this country lay down their lives just to buy some time for me to flee! I'm going to fight and those who wants to follow me are welcomed." She said and unsheathed her rapier.

"I'll follow you." Lily smiled and unsheathed her daggers. The soldiers looked at each other. And moved out of her way and stood beside her. "We will follow your Highness if that is your wish." the Lieutenant said. Nerin then ran towards the square at high speed that the soldiers are having trouble catching up to her. Lily didn't have much problem catching up since she learned shadow steps.

The assassins were really skilled and killed off the soldiers who tried to block them. "Heh, goblins are only this much! This is not even a challenge anymore! Hahaha!" One of them laughed with high spirit. "Hahaha, true but stay sharp and don-" the other Assassin's head rolled on the floor before he could speak.

They turned back and saw Nerin gracefully standing there without even looking at them. Her rapier had blood in it. "You bit-" the second guy also got his head decapitated. "Never show your back to an Assassin, don't you know this?" Lily emerged from their shadow.

"Shadow.... Step?" one of them muttered in fear. "What! No way! That is a skill only top rankers have! This is a little beast girl! How could she learn it!" Another one shouted some BS in fear.

Lily smiled and disappeared into the shadow and her presence was completely gone. No one could feel her being here. Suddenly, two more assassins had their heads cut down. There was only one remaining and this was the guy who didn't believe her. Lily came out of his shadow behind his back and whispered into his ears in a soft voice. "Do you believe now?" her voice was so soft that he pissed himself. It was like a ghost whispering "you are dead the moment you saw me." in his ears.

"It's all nice and cool to say that in such a situation but you forgot something, your back is wide open."

A voice said and then *slash*. Lily got attacked by surprise behind. "Ahhh!" She cried and immediately used shadow steps and disappeared. She then reappeared behind Nerin. "Lily! Are you alright?" Nerin immediately caught her.

"You....." Nerin glared at the guy in black. He removed his hood. He was a human. "Hahahaha, no matter what you do, there isn't anyone in this place who can beat me! Be obedient and come with me and I'll make sure you only suffer a little since your looks are good or else." He showed a disgusting look on his face.

Bog and the rest arrived. They blocked the street and made it look like they were trying to lock him in. Bog's eyes caught the injured Lily. "Your Highness!" He shouted. "Hey hey, do you have time to look away?" The human guy suddenly appeared behind Bog and slashed him. No one sensed his presence. Bog was injured lightly with nothing serious.

The sudden entry of the mysterious man turned the tide. The soldiers dare not to approach him, he was bad news. Even with Lily and Nerin joined together with the soldiers, it will be a tough fight. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL HARD TO DEFEAT? YOU GUYS ARE NOT EVEN WORTH THE PLAYTIME! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" the guy in black began laughing with his hands wide spread.

They can't really do anything in this situation. The guy in front of them was stronger than them. Even though there was a few hundred, they were inside a city, which will be advantageous for rogues.

All they can do now is try to defend and minimize the casualty before the reinforcements arrives.

Suddenly, the man in black, the assassin, felt a huge pressure. It wasn't the gravity or anything. It was the pressure of a stronger being looking down on an inferior being. It was the pressure, of a hunter looking at the hunt with killing intent.


A sharp cold light passed went past him like a strike in the paper. Behind the assassin stood another assassin but this time, it was help.

Herjar came here as soon as possible as soon as the attack in the arena began. It wasn't hard to spot a commotion this big. When he went to help Rou, Rou told him to go help Nerin and Lily since they Nerin was their target and the stronger ones should be after her. His decision to come here was correct since the assassin was above what the soldiers pay grade can handle.


Both hands of the assassin fell and blood came out gushing like a river. Herjar was wearing his leather armor and a hood as well as a bandana to hide his face.

"Uncle Herjar! You're here!" Lily said happily. Herjar turned around and walked past the assassin, who was crying like crazy on the floor, and went to Lily.

He looked at the wound on her back and inspected it. "Silly girl, why did you act recklessly? Good thing he didn't apply poison on his daggers or it would've been very bad." He said while patting her head.

"But I had to do it to protect Nerin......." Lily put on a sad face. "Don't worry over it, you did a good job and now that I'm here, let me take over will ya?" He winked at her.

"Go get them uncle!" Lily's face became bright ad shinning. Herjar just shrugged and walked back. He went and picked up the assassin and swung his dagger and just walked away like nothing happened.

4 seconds later......

The assassin's head rolled off his shoulder.

"You guys can stop hiding, come out so that we can end this quick." Herjar said. Six more came out of hiding. They looked like the assassin, but these guys are real pros.

Herjar looked at them one by one and then closed his eyes. "Those who favor your lives, be gone before I open my eyes or else you will be sent to the underworld." Herjar said with eyes closed.

"Hmph, arrogant!" One of them said and pounced at him. Herjar just dodged it like it wasn't even worth defending against. One of them just jumped on the roof and escaped like the wind.

Herjar opened half of his eyes and looked at them with a -90 degree gaze. The assassins could feel that something bad has been provoked and they need to flee right now.

Five assassins jumped in five directions.






Five cold and sharp light flashed. Herjar landed smoothly on the floor, then it rained dead people.
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    《The General》