MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
2 Chapter 2: A Score For A Million Peso
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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2 Chapter 2: A Score For A Million Peso

In the small municipality of Madridejos located in the northeast part of Bantayan Island, a humble looking community college is currently in a hot spot.

It was only one more day before the school officially opened and it was crowded not because of students trying to register at the school but to witness an event the world has been talking about for nearly two months!

Sepak takraw teams from all over the Philippines have come to participate in a once in a lifetime opportunity to win a million pesos!

The media people have been covering these events from all over the country and had been one of the most followed sports events in the whole world. People in the Philippines, especially the youngsters and teens love playing sepak takraw in streets and school.

However never have been the sepak takraw enthusiasts been so excited to play this game as the only condition to win the million pesos was absurdly crazy. For what purpose, he claimed that he is the best in the world and he did not need a team to win a match.

For these reasons, the people, especially the die-hard sepak takraw players, have mixed emotions of respect and hatred against him. Despite the fact that he was a player worthy of recognition, his personality, pride and cocky attitude are an obvious setback for most people.

"Is it really true? You win one million if you score a single point against him?" A tall, brown and athletic looking young man asked while staring at a person playing sepak takraw alone in the middle of the field. His hands were tying his new original converse shoes that he just bought just recently.

"Yes, indeed it was true. However, It has been two months of unstoppable challenges but not a single team have won against him. The guy is just purely a monster with unparalleled control and speed." A bulky looking uncle around forty years old replied as he slowly massaged the back of one of his players.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, look at him controlling the ball like it was a part of his body! Not a single unnecessary movement while his spikes are all in perfect timing even from incredibly difficult angles! His title really does says something about him." A tv reporter nearby commented while clicking his tongue in amazement.

Hearing this, the uncle instantly rebutted:

"But I do not believe he is perfect. He may be the so-called Legend of the Four Corners, but today, we will break his unblemished record and put an end to this cocky kid." The uncle has a determined expression as he moved to massage the back of his other players.

These athletes are national level players that have won countless sepak takraw championships all over the Philippines and even abroad. Thinking that all it takes is a single point to change his life around, He has fully prepared the conditions of his best players just for this day.

"Don't worry coach. Today, we are going home a millionaire!"

"And we will be gaining the recognition to have been the only team to have defeated this legendary existence. Even international teams from Thailand and Malaysia will be trembling in our presence!"

Excitement poured out from their faces as they slowly stood up and started walking towards a tall line of sepak takraw teams. All with brimming excitement and anticipation.


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