MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
3 Chapter 3: Aura of the Champion
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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3 Chapter 3: Aura of the Champion

There are currently around fifty teams on the waiting list to get an opportunity to face the legendary solo player in the field. All with the same intention to fight against the undisputed sepak takraw champion of the world and a chance to win one million pesos.

"Prrrrrt!" In a moment, another whistle was blown and another regu has lost miserably.

"Come on, give me a little bit of challenge please," Santi complained as he looked at the leading players replacing the loser team in the court. They came in incredibly excited but left with pale faces.

"Neeeext!" The umpire or referee shouted towards the players who came from the very long waiting line of teams. The school's sepak takraw court have been crowded by spectating players and media alike. Some media personnel were documenting the event while most players have their eyes glued to Santi's every movement.

Not far from the court is a young man around seventeen years old selling balut to the spectating crowd.

"Maam and Sirs, don't play when your stomach is empty! Try some Balut and your body will be healthy! All for just twenty-five pesos each!" An energetic voice and a very positive vibe can be felt from this young man. His name is Chiko who was named after a brown and sweet sapodilla fruit also known locally as 'Chikoos". With the incredible crowd within the school, he was able to sell his products like hot pancakes. He was selling exotic local food called 'Balut' or a boiled duck egg embryo.

While selling, Chiko's was very curious with the game and the person that caused the commotion and he cannot help but observe as well. Watching the pro players playing, Chiko noticed every motion Santi did was effortless and the ball control was so precise that he almost thought the person was not human at all. He took this opportunity to learn about the game and observe the players intently especially Santi.

After the preparations were made, the new regu or team which consists of three players stood in the stage with two more court substitutes watching intently at the side. The one at the back position in court is called a Tekong whos main roles is to serve.

Another one is the Feeder who throws the ball to the server, help defend and set killing opportunities while also spike when an opportunity arises.

The Killer or also known as the Spiker has the main role of executing volleys as hard as possible towards the opposing team's court.

Similar to volleyball, the game will be played in two sets, and the first team that scores 21 points wins, however it is important to remember that a minimum of a two-point lead is required to win the set. In case of a tie score of 20-20, the umpire will declare an extension to 25 points and the regu that wins two sets win the match. There is a two-minute break in between each set.

After a coin toss, the regu that guessed the outcome would decide which team would start the serve and the other can pick the side of the court they wanted. part of the court they would occupy.

The battle was obviously unfair and unofficial as it was three against one. However, the people thought it was not the exact case if you are fighting against Santi, the Legend of the Four Corners who was known to have an official undefeated record.

No one knows about his match against his brother Lyan. For Santi, it was a match that he will never forget and will never ever acknowledge.

"I will prove to you brother, I don't need any team to beat you. I myself is enough! You just wait!"

Santi's aura suddenly changed. The weight of his presence suddenly increased and the players on the stage felt an impending doom is approaching them.

"So this is how you feel when you face this legendary existence." The player responsible as the Tekong thought.

"Prrrt!" The umpire gave the starting signal for the game.


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