MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
4 Chapter 4: Overwhelming Power!
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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4 Chapter 4: Overwhelming Power!

The silence was almost deafening as everyone watched the game intently. The photographers and videographers have their camera in places and capturing every minute mostly focusing on Santi.

This once in a thousand-year prodigy is not just a legendary player but has also the looks that can captivate the woman. His blue sparkling eyes emits an out of this world calmness but an aura of fierceness. Not to mention his vast amount of wealth due to his family's background.

Santi's opponent this time is the famous Blue Eagle team hailing from the mainland Manila who once won a gold medal for sepak takraw in the Palarong Pambansa which is a yearly sports event much like an Olympic event but only held exclusively within the Philippines.

The Feeder threw the ball towards the Tekong in a perfect angle and the latter's eyes were brimming with focus. In an instant, his body slightly slanted and his right foot stretched out revealing his bulging thigh muscles in every inch. Despite being outnumbered he did not dare to underestimate the young man before him so he decided to start with a powerful spike serve!

Using his right foot, he hit the ball with incredible precision and sent it whirring towards the very corner in Santi's court in the blink of an eye.

The court's dimension of 13.4 long and 6.1 meters but the ball reached the opposing court at a speed faster than you can blink your eye!

However, as if he has long predicted the attack, Santi had already moved to the spot and effortlessly stomped his foot in the floor stopping a million worth of point.

"Nooo!" The coach shouted as if seeing his dog died before him. He was holding his head manically and was about to lose his head in the first serve. he was not sure if he can continue to watch the game. Every spectator was also at the edge of their seat.

"That one almost scored!" The reporter thought.

One score, one score is all it takes for them to win a million pesos! imagine what you can buy with a million! He was covered with sweat all over as if he was playing as well.

Everyone thought that it was their long awaited score but the line man responsible for watching the border lines destroyed their hope.

"Good!" The lineman declared.

The lineman stood just in the corner and watched the play while sweating profusely, he cannot afford to make a single mistake due to the person before him and the prize money at stake.

The ball flew really high in a perfectly vertical direction and Santi looked at the ball with an intense gaze. He seems to be reminded of the time he lost desperately against his Brother.

"It was these foot stomping technique that defeated me." He followed the ball with a simple inside kick to relaunch the ball just above his head.

"It was these level of a set he defeated me." He thought and suddenly, with a light jump using his right foot, his body spun mid-air building momentum over his body. The weight was controlled perfectly and he seems to be able to float in the air as he has executed a perfectly angled roll spike towards a blind spot of his opposing court!

"I will not lose to anyone!" With this building emotion inside him, his right foot hit the ball with incredible force and precision.

Whapash!~~ Whiirrr~

After an exploding impact from his right foot. The rattan made ball's body almost deformed from the force and even created a whirring sound as it streaked across the court with the speed two times faster compared when it was served over.

The ball landed in the opposing court confirming a perfectly executed kill score. Not a single person from his opposing regu was able to react from his dominating performance! The ball was so fast and forcefull that it continued to bounce out of the court towards the crowd.


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