MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
9 Chapter 9: Finding Chiko
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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9 Chapter 9: Finding Chiko

Meanwhile, back at the court, the media people were still in disarray and one of them have finally realized something big they are missing.

"Interview! We forgot to interview him!"

"Oh my God! How did we forget to interview that man!"

"Quick find him!"

The media men chased towards the direction Chiko has gone. However, their attempts were futile as the mysterious young man has long gone right under their nose!

Santi took this opportunity to have a break. The events that have unfolded were too unbelievable for him. He called one of his assistants and he hurriedly ran towards him in a respectful manner.

"Did you know that person's background?" Santi asked.

"Reporting to master Santi, I did a background check with that guy and he seems to be a famous Balut vendor in these areas."

"I know, that is obvious. Anything else? I want to know where he lives." Santi's tone was obviously disappointed with the report.

"Yes, I asked more people and they said that the man lives in a small farm southwest towards the forest. He recently graduated from a nearby high school last year and seems to be helping his family by selling Balut in the morning and evening. Also, he only lives with his grandmother."

"Hmm.." Santi appeared to be in deep thought and suddenly stood up facing the crowd who are still waiting to try their luck for the million peso prize.

"I have enough of these events. Today, I officially announced that the event has ended." After saying these, Santi left and went inside his white Lexus Rx 450 2017 edition parked nearby.

The remaining people have regrets and disappointment painted in their faces. If only they have come earlier, they might had the chance to strike for a million pesos and changed their lives.

But now, the host has officially declared its end and they can only watch helplessly as he left the place.

The event lasted for two months and not a single team was able to strike a single score aside from the unintentional point the Balut vendor took.

"It's because of him!" Everyone has burning mad thinking of Chiko. If only the latter did not come, the event would not have ended.

"Let's find him and teach him a lesson!" Some hopeless teams who even came from far away decided.

"I don't think that will work here." A local man who had just heard their declaration immediately responded.

"And why not? If not because of him, would have not lost the chance to win the million pesos! You heard me!? A million PISO!" The man who led the team retorted asserting his dominance towards the local.

However, the local man showed no signs of fear at all.

"You foreigns should just leave this place. That is the best and friendly advice I can tell you for now."

"Make me." The tall man challenged.

The local just sighed and said:

"Look, we just don't want any trouble here. We have an unwritten golden rule in this place."

"And what is that?" The man asked in a demanding tone.

"Anyone who harms Chiko, the balut vendor, is the same as offending everyone on this island." The man's tone suddenly turned serious followed by a few pops from his finger. He is prepared to fight.


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