MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
10 Chapter 10: Mystery of the Blue Star
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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10 Chapter 10: Mystery of the Blue Star

As he said this, the team who had a bad intention towards Chiko finally realized that they were greatly surrounded and outnumbered by the locals.

Most of them are males who have bulky bodies and eyes like wolves. Even the women have determined faces. They looked at the team with murderous eyes and was obviously just waiting for them to do the first strike.

"Just who was that kid anyway?" The media men who heard everything had nothing but questions in his head. No one amongst the local even gave the exact address of the mysterious young man. They only gave vague direction and that was all.


It was around six o'clock in the afternoon and Santi was standing in a balcony. The air has a faint chill and the surrounding has turned dark accompanied by the chirping sounds of the cricket. Santi stood there alone immersing himself in deep thoughts. His face was bathed in a night light and you can see his eyes were full of question.

"Why? Why did you lead me here father?" He murmured while staring at the Bright blue star in the sky. The Blue star twinkled as if responding to his question.

It has been two months since the first time he has started seeing the bright blue star that never seems to disappear into the sky regardless if it was day or night. Santi once heard from his father when he was just a child that there is a certain blue bright star that is not visible to the ordinary people. Before dying, his father has given him a weird command he must follow in the future.

"In the future, if the time is right, a Blue Star will appear in the sky disregarding whether it is day or night. Due to its mysterious presence, only members of our family can see this certain blue star. Whether other people can see this, that I do not know. But... Santi... Follow the Blue star to wherever it leads you. No matter what, you follow it. Whatever tries to stop you, face it. This you must promise to me Santi." it was his dying last words in his death bed and Santi took it seriously.

Apparently, this bright blue star only shows itself to members of their family. And in the current case, since the mysterious deaths of his eight other siblings and parents, only Santi gets to see the blue star and probably Lyan as well.

It is also said that only "qualified" people can see these certain blue star. What the word 'qualified' actually means, Santi has no idea at all. One thing was for sure, ever since he had seen the blue star, his body became even stronger and faster.

To verify his dead father's word, he had asked countless people if they can really see the blue star but to his surprise, not a single one of them have a clue what he was talking about.

It works like a charm for him. Whatever it actually is, it doesn't matter for him at all. What is more important, is for him to get better in sepak takraw and pay back the humiliation his brother Lyan gave him. he has nothing but revenge as of the moment. With regards to the mysterious youth who was able to score against him, he considered it just a mere stroke of luck.

Real men don't depend on luck. They are their own luck. With this firm determination, Santi went back to his room to get a good night's rest. His body was aching all over from exhaustion and his face still a little swollen from the impact from Chiko's spike.


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