MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
14 Chapter 14: Watch Out!
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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14 Chapter 14: Watch Out!

Yang slowly enters the cafeteria and the students who noticed him started looking at him curiously.

"He's here." said the school cafeteria serving staff.

"Oh no hopefully not again.." said the other staff. They have both been a witness of Yang's trouble every time he clean's the cafeteria.

"If only he comes earlier to clean up this place."

"He does. It's just a lot of student are too messy so he has to come and clean up like every other two hours.

"I just hope he won't puke this time."

"Same.." The other staff said while massaging his head seemingly remembering a tragic memory.

Unlike before, with his calm and quiet demeanor, Yang walks inside the school cafeteria while holding the tools for cleaning unable to calm down. His eyes were restless and his steps are slow.

He scanned the cafeteria's menu first and after a little read, he sighed with relief.

"Not much meat..." A barely visible smile appeared in his face as he walked a little bit faster towards a stained floor.

The two cafeteria staffs have been staring at him and seeing his relieved reaction, they immediately understood what it meant and they smiled with each other.

"I really wonder why this kid doesn't like meat. I mean come on. It's meat! It's delicious!" One of the stuff busily serving some students whispered.

Yang heard him and seems to figure out they were talking about him. However, Yang never reacted to anything they say about him.

Despite the number of students calling him weird, or sometimes, stupid because of the way he dress untidly and act, he would never mind them and continue working without a flinch.

The staffs knew that Yang has a very unusual reaction when seeing meat and especially blood. The meat's smell alone would make him puke and dizzy.
So Yang would do his best to avoid people eating meat as he was very sensitive to it.

Nobody knows why he reacted in such a way but the school cafeteria staffs has diffinetly learned a lesson or two about him. Apparently, the guy prefers to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables and nothing else!

They have made numerous attempts to fire the guy for puking not once but twice when smelling meat while cleaning in the cafeteria. But for some unknown reason, the school principal was adamant for making the guy stay and would defend the mysterious guy no matter what.

Yang went back to his usual silent mode as he calmly cleaned the stains in the floor. He put the warning sign for the slippery floor behind him and started cleaning the dirty-stained floor.

Except for his meat and blood smelling problem, Yang is known as a very diligent, courteous, and honest worker. He would always bring every lost items and wallet he found to the school's lost and found station.

From this, they knew that the guys have a really good heart.

The school cafeteria staffs had started to become busy especially since it was almost lunch hour and some students have come earlier for an early bite or does not wanted to come late before their favorate dish ran out.

Yang was completely immersed in his task when one of the newcomers suddenly came running and tripped on a wet floor. It seems the male student ran too fast and failed to see the slippery floor warning sign.

The man lost his grip with his lunch box he was holding as it flew towards the wet floor. In an instant, with incredible reflex, Yang seems to bend his body a hundred and eighty degrees as he stretched his body to catch the falling lunch box with at an incredible speed.

The two staffs had their eyes almost popping out unable to believe Yang's incredible reflex and flexibility.

"What speed and reflex!" Some of the witnesses exclamed.

Yang was like a cat that suddenly twisted its body a hundred eighty degrees before landing in the ground from an unfavorable position while not suffering single bone damage!

He did not pay attention to the people who were gaping from his incredible athletic performance.

The lunch box landed safely in his hands but the horror did not end there as the lid covering the lunch box still went flying away due to the momentum.

The worst is about to come!
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》