MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
15 Chapter 15: An Aswang?
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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15 Chapter 15: An Aswang?

The eyes of Yang and the two cafeteria staffs suddenly went big as they anticipated the worst.

If the box's content has meat, Yang would start puking for sure and the witnessing students would lose their appetite in an instant causing damage to the business!

Fortunately, the box revealed nothing but rice inside it. Yang and the two cafeteria staffs each took a very deep sigh at the same time.

"That was close!" The staffs both thought.

The student who just tripped immediately apologized to Yang for his recklessness. And after checking that his lunch box was safe, he thanked Yang again and went to the cafeteria to buy some food.

The latter just replied with a nod and continued with his cleaning task.

"That was close!" Yang thought.

"I can't imagine the disaster to come if that lunch box happened to have meat!"

"Indeed. We're lucky the student only has rice in his lunch box or we could have witnessed another crappy day losing customers."

"Well, I guess God is on our side!"

"Hallelujah!" The two were thankful for the misfortune that failed to come.

A few minutes later, Yang had finally finished his cleaning task and went to proceed towards the stock room to end his morning shift when a female student suddenly blocked his way and was smiling sweetly.

She was blushing and a few more friends of her seems to be cheering her up from the side.

She took out a lunch box out she was hiding behind her shyly and she quickly presented it before Yang. Her hands moved fast and revealed four sets of delicious looking food.

A quarter of steaming hot rice, crispy looking Chicken Nuggets, Pork afritada and Lechon Paksiw.

"Uhm... I see that you have been working really hard to keep our school clean. I prepared this lunch just for you. I hope you would like it."

The female student who looked a little younger than Yang raised the lunch box higher so that Yang can have a closer look of the delicious food she made but contrary to her expectation, Yang pushed the food away and stepped back from the food.

His face has the look of seeing a monster before him. At the same time, the girl felt something suddenly turned hot in her waist.

Yang quickly ran towards the closest trash bin and started puking like madly. He was screaming from the inside as his face turned green from vomiting.

One of the main reasons Yang never wanted to do with people was that most of them are too kind that they would offer him meat for food out of nowhere almost all the time.

Later after that incident, the two cafeteria staffs approached and comforted the female student who tried to get Yang's attention by giving him food. Her friends also comforted her and she felt fine a few sobs later.

They explained to her the latter's unusual reaction to seeing and smelling meat and blood. The girl understood and left alone later. She wanted to have time for herself.

Now walking quite far from her friends and completely alone, she suddenly stopped as she seems to have remembered something.

She started feeling her waist with her hands and pulled something under her shirt. It was a small glass vial with transparent water inside. It seems to have been boiling a while ago.

"Why did the Lana inside boiled a while ago..." She wondered to herself and suddenly realization dawned on her.

"Wait could there be an aswang nearby?" She suddenly realized.
It is known that the liquid called Lana inside the bottle would react by boiling if there is an aswang nearby.

"Could it be a student in the school?" she shuddered from the thought.
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》