MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
18 Chapter 18: The Guardians of the Forest Part 1
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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18 Chapter 18: The Guardians of the Forest Part 1

"Ssss-So what now-sSss?" Said the green phyton. Its creepy and slow voice can send chills to one's spine if a human hears it talking.

"grrrr-First of all, I would like to thank everyone for a job well done." Declared Lolong. His voice sounded in everyone's mind. The wild pigs, the snake, and the big carabao have solemn expressions.

"We have grrrr-protected the Maharlican Sacred Sanctuarygrrrr- and the descendant of the Maharlikan King for countless years now..."

Lolong looked at each and every one of them. The snake's eyes are not moving, The carabao took this opportunity to lay down slowly and so did the Dumog and its younglings. Lolong opened its big mouth and continued:

"With the old witch's death, I am afraidgrrrr- our task has also ended; we can't do anything else but to close the Maharlican Sacred Sanctuary now and give the kid the chance to learngrrrr- to survive and stand on his own in the mortal world just as like what the Mahagrrrr-rlikan king and old witches wanted."

With the tone of Lolong's voice, everyone cannot help but bow down in sadness. A long journey has ended and they have to give up seeing the kid who they took care of since young.

"But we can't just let the kid alone oinnk~! Where is he going to live?! If we close the Maharlikan Sacred Sanctuary, he has no more home to go-iiink! I can't afford to see the young prince roaming the human streets at night!"

The Big boar immediately complained.

"The prince-Ssss didn't know that the small forest with a small farm where he grew up issSss actually the legendary Maharlikan SssSpiritual Sanctuary. It is actually a hidden sSssspace inside a dying fores-ssst! If we clos-Sssse the space now, he would Sss-ssurely be lost when he comeSsss back later!" The beautiful green phyton added.

The reason that people can never find Chiko's house is that it is actually hidden from the human's eyes by a mysterious spiritual force. If an ordinary human would stumble in the forest at the exact location of Chiko's supposed to be a farmhouse, they would only find nothing but a giant-long-dead Acacia tree in the middle of barren land.

But in Chiko's eyes, he can see the five-hectare long farm, complete with small rivers, tall trees, big and small animals of different variety and fruits of different seasons!

The mysterious animals are actually having a meeting with regards to closing the sacred sanctuary. It is like a little heaven in the land.

"The Witch has a plan. She has long pgrrrr-repared for this time and I am sure there argrrrr-e more guardians out there that would also grrrr-protect him. Also, his destined path is about to open before him. What can we do to stop it? We did our best to prepare him for the coming days and to face the descendants of the blue star. Until then, I need you all to trust grrrr-in our princegrrr~."
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》