MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
19 Chapter 19: The Guardians of the Forest Part 2
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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19 Chapter 19: The Guardians of the Forest Part 2

Everyone became silent in realization. The cow stood up slowly and started talking:

"I think the young prince Chikomoo can survive this testmooo."

"He isss-Ss right everyone. With all those years of training his body and mind, I am confident that our Chiko can live!" The snake said.

"Indeedmooo- . Although I am not sure if he has mooo- - already figured it out that he has an incrediblymooo- gifted mind and body, but if he mooo- no troubles should be too hard for him. Even if he faces five evilmooo- -- humans, he can finish them all just by using his naturalmooo- - strength that I have nurtured for more than ten years!" The Carabao added.

"Well saidooink--. Not to mention I am pretty muchooink--sure that no other humans are faster thanooink-- him. After all, I have been training him-ooink-- when it comes to speed since his younger daysooink--" Said the Boar.

"What's more is that his reflexsSss and instinct are extraordinary. I can barely even hit him anymore even with my lightning quick attacksSs-Ssee." The snake added as if reminiscing old beautiful memories.

"Indeedgrrrr-, Chiko have ggrrrr-rown quite a strgrrrr-ong man." The Crocodile nodded in agreement with everyone.

"Then it is settled. We argrrrr-e going back to the Hollow World today and reporgrrrr-t to the Maharlikan King! We will come back when the time is grrrr-ripe."

Everyone nodded then they all looked up staring at the mysterious bright blue star in the sky.

"All rightgrrrr-, I am now closing the Sacred Maharlikan Sanctuary. Everyone, get in.grrrr-"

The giant crocodile said and then opened its mouth widely. A green pearl can be seen sitting at the top of its lower jaw.

A bright green light shut out from this small green pearl forming a circle bright portal.

"Good luck Chiko my Boy-Moo." Birang the Carabao said last time while gazing at the community college's direction in the north. Then with a slow step, Birang entered the bright circle portal and its image distorted in a while before completely disappearing.

The snake and the wild boars followed after it. They all looked at Chiko's direction in the north with longingness painted in their eyes.

After everyone went inside the bright portal, Lolong closed its mouth. As the guardian of the entrance to the Sacred Spiritual Sanctuary, it's the main job is to protect and keep the secret of the Sacred Spiritual Sanctuary from the human's and other out of this world forces.

Different from its companion, Lolong did not look at Chiko's direction but its gaze landed to the bright blue star above the morning sky. Its eyes are shining full of hatred.

"So they really are cominggrrrr-..." Lolong thought.

The next instant, Lolong's giant figure turned transparent as it completely disappeared. After the last ripple of water disappeared, the beautiful and green luscious forest that Chiko calls home suddenly changed to a lifeless, rocky barren land. It was actually a place full of illegally cut trees. An actual look of the forest is actually a lifeless, dark and full of dead trees abandoned areas.
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》