MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
20 Chapter 20: The Red Eyes In The Dark
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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20 Chapter 20: The Red Eyes In The Dark

Chiko arrived at the school at around seven o'clock in the morning and most classes will start an hour or two. He seems to have arrived too early and that there are barely any students at the school yet.

Chiko decided to find his classroom as he was still not yet very familiar with the place. He has already come a lot in the school before and has also finished his enrollment a week before.

He has been going in and out the small community college that was composed of just around twenty buildings - all one-story types, but he never took notice of the room numbers so now he has to check each room one by one to find the room he would be taking his first college class.

After greeting the roving guards, Chiko went to find the room 0018 which is found furthest from the school entrance. As expected, there are no students around yet.

Chiko went closer to the assigned room and heard some noises from inside. Chiko came slowly to the door and slowly opened it. The room was still dark and the windows are closed so he can barely see anything inside. However, Chiko's eyes were extraordinary sharp and adaptive to the darkness. He scanned the room and saw something he never expected.

A tall, muscular, and dark-brown guy around his age was sitting in a corner. His black hair was long and messy dropping down covering bloody red eyes. Its nails are long and sharp and he can see the bulging veins all over its body. Its eyes were full of killing intent. It was facing the door the Chiko was standing at. The moment Chiko's eyes met the red eyes, the young man showed expressions of shocked and seems to have failed to notice Chiko's presence. The panicking monster is actually Yang and he seems to have transformed into an aswang!

However, despite its fearsome and dangerous aura, the monster seems to be afraid of Chiko as it pushed itself tighter in a corner like a terrified dog. The situation was opposite on what Chiko expected. The monster seems to be afraid of him!

"An Aswang!?" Chiko suddenly have an idea on what he is seeing.

"P-Please go away...I--II will not hurt you. Please go away!" A raspy but weak voice came out from the terrifying monster.

Chiko did not reply right away, he just stood in the door looking at the monster with bright eyes.

"Wow! So cool! You guys are actually real! Can you transform into a cat? Or a dog? How about a pig!? can you fly?!"

Chiko has expressions of amazement instead of fear. His eyes say it all!


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