MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
21 Chapter 21: A Vegetarian Aswang
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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21 Chapter 21: A Vegetarian Aswang

It took a while before Yang finally got back to his senses. He realized that this person before him was not afraid of him at all. Rather he was ecstatic upon seeing him - an aswang. Contrary to popular reaction, this guys even asked if Yang can transform!

"Are you not afraid of me?.." Yang asked.

"Why should I? Aren't you the school's Janitor? I believe you are a good man!" Chiko replied.

"But... not because I am a janitor doesn't mean I am a good person. I am an aswang!" Yang exclaimed with a complicated expression in his face.

"And?" Chiko asked innocently.

"And - might hurt you!" replied Yang.

"But you won't. Right?" Chiko said calmly.

Yang did not know how to respond. The man was just too weird for him. Although he was right, Yang does not have any intentions to harm the man at all.

It is just his nature. Despite the curse of being an aswang, Yang only wanted peace and harmony. Contrary to other Aswangs, he is the only one who never feasts on meat or blood and is not abusive of his power. He prefers to live peacefully and his diet is purely into fruits and vegetables only - a vegetarian aswang!

Furthermore, his fingers are too sharp. If in any chance he hurt Chiko and sees some blood pouring out from the latter's skin, Yang would end up puking anyway.

"As much as I wanted - no, I do not want to hurt you...But." Yang said as he slowly stood up from the corner. "I only ask one thing from you."

"What is it?" Chiko replied like a small child listening to his parents.

"Can you keep my secret?"

"Yes! Sure! No problem!" Chiko replied excitedly.

"Thanks," Yang said. He then finally calmed himself. He took a very deep breath and walked toward's some chairs nearby. His messy dark brown hair almost covering his whole face.

Yang walked out from the dark as his eyes started scanning the area.

"Now where is that..." Yang murmured.

"Are you looking for something?" Chiko asked curiously. His eyes were glued to Yang.

"I am looking for a black hair band. I can't go out without it." He said while he started crawling across the row of chairs.

"You lost it? It's just a hair band. You can buy a new one outside." Chiko said while he started looking for it as well.

"It's a special hairband! You have no idea how important it was for me."

"Really?! Did your special someone gave it to you?"

"That hairband is not an ordinary one. It was given to me by my sister who put an 'Orasyon' on it."

"An Orasyon? What is that?"

"It is a black magic prayer."

"So it was special!" Chiko started getting serious in finding it.

"Without it, I will never be able to return to normal. I am cursed with this power of Aswang. The black hair band has the sealing effects that allows me to stop the curse from coming out on its own."

"So it seals the power of aswang in you... Is that the main reason you don't eat meat or blood?" Chiko asked.

"No... Since I was a kid, I only eat vegetables and fruits and nothing else because my sister said it was healthy and I need to get used to it. And I did." Yang replied. His face raised up remembering something.

"At least, that was what my sister said... I never knew it was actually to train my palate on craving away from meat and blood when I receive the curse.." Yang seems to have long realized this. He checked the time and got worried. More people might come to the room and if they found out that he is an aswang, he can never imagine the troubles he would face!

"I found it!" With Chiko's incredibly sharp and adaptive eyes, finding a black hairband in a dark room was like a walk in the park to him.


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