MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
22 Chapter 22: Yang“s Challenge
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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22 Chapter 22: Yang“s Challenge

"Thank you!" Yang quickly went and grabbed the black hair band. From the outside, it looked like a normal black hairband but it was actually an aswang-power sealing tool for Yang.

He then quickly arranged his hair and with the help of the black hairband, his messy hair turned into a cool looking man bun! His body slowly transformed to normal.

His eyes turned back from red to black, his nails shortened and the dark aura disappeared. It was an unbelievable transformation from a scary monster to handsome looking janitor!

"Thank you. I owe you one. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask me anytime." Yang said as he faced Chiko with a bright and charming smile. He was just truly grateful this time.

He was just casually cleaning the room early in the morning when he accidentally slipped while carrying the cleaning tools and he failed to notice that the aswang-sealing hairband actually flew away. He had been looking for it for almost two hours while in aswang form but his senses failed to find the small object. Chiko's surprising arrival was actually a blessing in disguise.

He is now a completely different person! Who would have thought that this cool looking janitor is actually an aswang?

"Cool me Chiko! If you don't mind, can we be friends?" Chiko asked politely and this invitation surprised Yang the most. It was because of the curse of Aswang that he never wanted to be connected to any persons because he was afraid the friendship would not last if they found out he was an Aswang.

"Are you sure.? I am an Aswang did you forget?"

"Doesn't matter." Chiko smiled. His smile was full of confidence, innocence, and honesty. Like a little boy who found a new friend. He was sincere to befriend the very unusual janitor. Yang was actually very happy inside but he realizing the troubles surroundings his life he'd rather spare the man and decline the sincere offer.

"I am happy to have met a person who willingly accepted me. But for your sake, I am afraid I cannot be your friend..." Yang said while he walked towards the entrance.

"You said that you owe me a favor," Chiko said with a pouting expression like a child. Hearing this, Yang stopped as stepped outside. He looked back at the man behind him. He realized that this person is not ordinary at all. His youthful and lively aura never sizes and he seems to be more than what he actually looks. The smile was full of confidence.

"Yes, I did say that I owe you a favor," Yang confirmed.

"Then I want you to be my friend!"

"Except that. Any help, I am willing to extend, just don't become my friend."

"I insist!"

Yang was getting annoyed at Chiko. He looked outside and saw that students have started coming in. His glance landed on a sepak takraw court and an idea flashed in his mind.

"How about this..." Yang turned at Chiko and said.

"Beat me in a sepak takraw game. If you do, then I am willing to become a friend." Yang's eyes turned serious and a smile beamed with confidence.
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》