MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
23 Chapter 23: Get the ball!
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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23 Chapter 23: Get the ball!

It was still early in the morning but the school's five sepak takraw court are all loaded with very energetic players.

"Spike! Spike!"

"Cover the right corner!"

"It's a drop! Don't get fooled!"


People would hear the cheers, shouts and sometimes, mockery right after each score. These players were all playing seriously in hope of getting the attention of Santi who actually enrolled in this humble looking school.

Many believed that the Sepak Takraw superstar decided to stay and enroll in the school because he was scouting for possible teammates. One can only imagine getting scouted by the Legend of the Four corners who everyone envied.

He was not just good at sports, he was also good looking and crazy rich! It was because of these reasons that men and female alike are willing to lick his shoes just to get close to Santi. Reports from media once stated that the latter owned several hotels, high rise buildings, and sports fields!

With this motivation, these players who came from different places also decided to enroll in this small community college in hope of getting close to Santi. Who knows, they might actually get the latter's favor and join him as a team.

Another team has just finished a game and two young men came to the stage. One was wearing a white T-shirt with black pants, a red jacket tied in his waist and a heavy looking black boots while the other one was actually someone they were all familiar. It was Yang, the student janitor.

"Excuse me, do you mind if we can play here?" Yang approached one of the players who has just finished playing.

"Uhm. I am truly afraid mister janitor... no. We would still be playing in a while. We are just taking a small break you see." The leading youth declared.

His name is Beethoven and is actually one of the most popular sepak takraw players in the whole region of Cebu. He and his team has won many Sepak Takraw Regional Meet Championships and is also a son of a wealthy politician.

His body was well built and he was wearing expensive branded sport's wear. He also loves to impress many people especially ladies. Apparently, not many players can afford one. And some players have envious eyes as they looked at the proud player's shoes.

"But this is school property and everyone has the right to use the sepak takraw court." Yang reasoned with the leading man but the latter just laughed.

"Hahahahaha! Do you want to play here? Do you even know how to play?" The leading youth mocked.

"Hey! Bugro! Give the ball to the janitor! He wants to play! hahaha!" The leading man shouted to a big muscular guy who was sitting nearby. His hand's were so big that he can completely enclose the whole sepak takraw ball in his palm. The moment he squeezed the ball, sounds of snapping parts can be heard.

"Look at that grip!"

"So strong!"

A lot of players surrounding the court knows who Bugro is and how terrifying the fellow can be. This giant is actually thirty years old despite looking forty and is actually the leading youth's bodyguard.

Bugro came closer to Yang while Chiko was too busy picking his nose and observing the players in the other court. He would clap to the sound of cheers from time to time despite not really understanding the game.

"Here get it, boy." Bugro held the ball closer to Yang. The players nearby have mocking faces as they looked at Bugro's giant hand tightening its grip on the sepak takraw ball.

"Okay. thanks." Yang casually said and like a flash, his hand snatched the ball effortlessly away from Bugro's big hands. Yang used incredible speed and a weird angle where the grip is weaker to snatch the ball away leaving everyone who witnessed it with gaping mouths.
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》