MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
24 Chapter 24: A Balut Vendor Versus The School“s Janitor
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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24 Chapter 24: A Balut Vendor Versus The School“s Janitor


"So fast!"

Almost every player was not able to believe the speed the janitor used to snatch the ball from Bugro. It was so fast as a flash of lighting and they were not able to track the hand movement at all.

"Hey! I was not yet ready!" Bugro started spouting excuses.

"Too late! I have the ball now!" Yang said as he started running towards the court.

"Chiko! Let's go and finish this quick before the classes start!" Yang shouted at Chiko. Hearing him, Chiko also moved inside the court facing Yang.

"Hey...I only said you can have the ball. But I never mentioned I am willing to let you use the court!" Bethoveen came in the middle. He is persistent to stop the two from playing.

He even brought his other teammates! They walked towards Yang with hostile expressions in their faces.

"Let them play."

A cold and sudden voice can be heard not far from them. It was a voice full of authority. Everyone looked at the source of the voice to disagree with his request but when they saw the man, nobody was able to talk and say a single word at all.

"Entertain me Mr. Janitor and little Balut Vendor..." Santi said while sitting idly in a small chair. His handsome face was glowing in the dark with blue eyes that seem to see through one's secret.

"It's Santi!"

"OMG! He is Here!"

"Since when did he come? I did not even notice him."

"Same here. I guess we were too occupied with the commotion in the court that we failed to notice a superstar be watching us."

"Come on! Toss me a good serve. I need to show Mr. Santi my incredible Takraw Techniques!"

Everyone playing in the court starting playing seriously in an attempt to lure Santi's attention. But the latter never heed a single glace to these players but was only focused at the court in the last.

Santi has witnessed how Yang snatched the ball away from the powerful grip of Bugro and understanding the technique Yang did, Santi decided to watch the humble looking student janitor with interest.

Not to mention, the Balut Vendor who scored against him was also Yang's opponent.

"This is gonna be interesting." Santi's eyes were glued to the court. Everyone including Beethoven, Bugro, and the surrounding players also decided to pay attention to the court Santi was watching.

"The Balut Vendor is playing sepak takraw against the School's janitor?" Everyone became curious about this very unusual match.


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