MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
26 Chapter 26: Chiko“s Determination
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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26 Chapter 26: Chiko“s Determination

"Is that really the school's janitor? Was he a sepak takraw player in high school?"

"I do not know. I have been playing in regional and national sepak takraw meets but I never seen his face before."

"That was probably just a lucky shot."

"Dude, that was a perfectly executed horse kick! Did you see his control in the direction?" The spectating players nearby saw Yang's beautiful spike serve and immediately changed their opinion of this weird janitor.

Meanwhile, not far from the court was Santi. The guy was sitting nonchalantly as he watched the play. For him, Yang's performance is just common compared to the international teams he has faced from Malaysia, Thailand and other southeast Asian countries.

"Yeah. Well lets just observe for now. If this guys really is legit pro player, I am pulling him in my team." Some of the team captains said.

"Your team!!? That young man is going in my team!" The other team captain heard the conversation and immediately revealed his intention as well.

Chiko was stunned by Yang's serve.

"That was amazing!" Chiko exclaimed.

"hehe, just two more points and this game is over!" Yang reminded him after picking up the ball. Chiko nodded in response and changed into serious mode.

Chiko bent his body down and touched both his knees with his hands while his eyes focused on the ball Yang is holding.

"Game!?" Yang asked first before tossing the ball again.

"Come!" Chiko looked more serious this time. His determination to get an aswang friend never left his mind.

Yang's aura shifted again from friendly to domineering as he waited for the perfect moment to kick the falling ball and at a certain moment -


Yang's foot hit the yellow ball again with even stronger force this time! The ball slightly swerved as it traveled flawlessly past right above the net and towards Chiko's court.

"So fast!" Chiko moved himself to intercept the ball with his knee but the ball's trajectory suddenly changed direction and proceeded in between Chiko's legs.

"What!?" Chiko was a little upset that he failed to anticipate the sudden change in direction.

"Whahahah! That was a goal! It went straight to his legs! Whahahah"

"Did you saw that curve!? It was so fast! It probably reached the sixty-five mark!".

"His stance and style were similar to Syahir Rosdi's horse kick spike serve!"

"Yes, even I am not sure if I can stop that." The spectating players concluded.

"One more and the deal is off." Yang prompted Chiko again. This time, the latter was deep in his thoughts.

"He did not move! he is probably shocked. He thought sepak takraw was that easy. The God of luck must have passed behind him that time when he scored against Santi." Beethoven said while sneering.

"I heard they have a bet."

"Probably a bet who is gonna sell balut or clean the toilet."


"Come on, hurry up! Lose already so we can play!" Beethoven's company yelled toward's Chiko.

Chiko took a breather and repositioned himself. He glanced at Yang's direction and muttered to himself.

"Today, I will have you as my friend. No more, no less!" He tightened the jacket sleeves in his waist and bent his foot further apart.

"Again, I appreciate your concern, but I am afraid this is it," Yang told Chiko and tossed the ball up high. Yang flexed his legs and executed another perfectly timed horse kick spike serve!

His feet were just an inch away before hitting the ball when he noticed that Chiko suddenly moved away from his position towards a certain spot.

"Did he gave up?.."

Yang thought at that moment but suddenly realized something. Chiko's movement was too sudden but Yang realized it was too late to stop his feet from hitting the ball!

"How did he know?!!!!" Yang's confident expression was instantly replaced by shock and confusion.


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