MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
27 Chapter 27: The King“s Domain!
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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27 Chapter 27: The King“s Domain!

Everyone thought that Chiko already gave up the match as he moved too early before the ball gets inside his courtside but they soon realized their mistake.

The ball was so fast that it left a yellow streak as it moved across the court and landed perfectly in Chiko's right foot and bounced upwards like hitting a trampoline.

"He got the ball!"


"How did he know, it was gonna land there!?"

Questions and shock filled the spectator's mind as they witnessed Chiko's extraordinary counter. Even Santi could not help but stand up from his seat and blinked his eyes for how many times in disbelief.

"How did he figured the direction? The spike serve wasn't even fully executed yet." Santi was filled with questions in his mind.

"The God of luck must have passed again," Beethoven reassured himself.

The ball was still incredibly high in the air and had just started falling down after how many seconds. Chiko's eyes were very alert staring at it.

"It is not over yet! I need to score!"

Determination flashed in Chiko's face and his presence exuded a terrifying aura. Everyone felt like their blood boiled just by looking at Chiko's back! The air went cold and the wind started to gather around causing the red jacket in his waist to flap majestically.

"Why are the hairs in my skin standing up?"

"You felt it too!?"

"Why is it that the balut vendor kid suddenly becomes intimidating?"

The spectating players were in commotion.

"A King's Domain?! Impossible!" Santi could not believe what he was feeling.

"Just who really are you!" his eyes are glued to Chiko.

It has been a long time since he has felt the terrifying pressure of the King's Domain and that was from the only person who has defeated him - Lyan. Facing someone who exuded a King's domain is like a guaranteed lose!

Under this legendary and terrifying aura, a normal person's senses would numb and his reaction would slow down. The person's will to fight would significantly drop down like he is being looked down by an absolute authority.

In order to acquire such rare ability, only those beings who have understood and applied the law of Natural Dominance can possess such aura.

Despite all the commotion in his surroundings, Chiko's attention was solely focused on the match. He desperately wanted a cool aswang friend on his first day in college!

Chiko adjusted his placement and faced his back to the net while Yang calmed himself down and prepared to defend from a possible attack. The black headband in his hair that seals the aswang power is getting tighter which only means of imminent danger ahead.

"My turn to attack!" Chiko declared as he flexed his legs. Using his right foot, he sprang up high from the ground reaching the ball mid-air.

His momentum gave him the ability to stay floating in the midair. With ease, his body spun 360 degrees while shifting his weight in his right foot and hit the ball perfectly on time sending it down straight to the first line just before Yang's position.

"Rolling Spike!" Beethoven's eye almost falls seeing the perfectly executed skill.


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