MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
28 Chapter 28: First Member Of My Team
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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28 Chapter 28: First Member Of My Team

One must know that a rolling spike requires incredible precision, flexibility, control, and timing to be performed perfectly!

"What makes it crazier, is that it landed just a few inches away from the first line!"

"A first-line full-scale rolling spike at an incredibly tight position! Is that balut vendor actually a martial artist!?"

The spectator's mouth was gaping wide open trying their best to believe the situation.

"So it was not the God of luck at all!??" Beethoven's eyes were bulging out almost jumping from the socket.

It took more than two seconds before Yang was able to react on the ball that has long landed and bounced away from the court.

"That was too fast!" Yang was surprised at the outcome.

"Yes! I finally have a score! I finally have a score!" Chiko danced awkwardly in the middle of the court in celebration of his first score.

Yang sighed deeply and have made a smile. It seems the battle is not yet over. It was his first time to play sepak takraw with a fellow and it was actually fun. Perhaps, having a friend is not bad at all. But until then, the match will decide his decision.

Yang has a mixed feeling every time he looked at the simple looking farm boy before him. Chiko may look innocent and a total newb in sepak takraw. But his natural talent, reflex, and skills are already on par with most international sepak takraw players.

It took Yang several years of practicing sepak takraw moves and spikes to execute the Horse Kick Spike. It was his undying passion for the certain human sport that he even possessed countless sepak takraw videos of many famous sepak takraw players like Pornchai Kaokaew, Fadzli, Kamal, Anuwat Chaichana, and so on, all for the purpose of learning takraw. Practicing and perfecting the movements until his body becomes too tired.

However, the dancing moron before him seems to have natural talent in Sepak Takraw that Yang envied greatly.

"Since the score is yours, then it is your turn to serve this time," Yang informed Chiko and the latter happily nodded in excitement.


"Incredible! To think that this kid has it. It wasn't because the janitor kid was slow, rather It was his perception that slowed down due to the King's domain that made him failed to react in time." Santi murmured to himself with excitement filling his eyes. He then stared at the bright blue star shining in the sky.

"No wonder you brought me here." His eyes were full of anticipation.

"With this kid's natural talent, I can now use my ability to the fullest. But, I must first train this kid and get him to familiarize the Sepak Takraw."

Santi's body trembled in excitement.

"Chiko huh.... well then, you will be the first member if my team." Santi has decided and was determined to recruit Chiko to be a member of his team.
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》