MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Chiko prepared to toss the ball for a service when he noticed the almost unnoticeable changes in Yang's body. The man before him seems to have activated some hidden powers and his aura is fluctuating consistently.

"Are you alright?" Chiko asked afraid that there is something wrong with Yang. But the latter has big cunning smiles that would make everyone creep. The spectating players moved away unconsciously after a surge of a scary aura washed over them.

"I have never been alright," Yang said as he raised his hand forward, stretched his fingers and gestured to send the ball over already.

"Alright then. I'm going to start now." Chiko took a deep breath and murmured:

"Two more scores and I will have my first friend. I can do this!."

The court was silent and so are the rest of the four sepak takraw courts. Their players have already stopped playing and came over to watch the match of the school's janitor and the famous balut vendor.

"Are you these two are beginners? The way I see it, they have what it takes to compete for regional meets you know."

"Same here. I really thought that Yang was just a student janitor. Who would have taught he has the moves and control."

"I am still surprised how that balut vendor predicted the janitor's move."

"yeah, the explanation was too much I even doubt if it was true."

The spectating players and student's started growing. Most of them were attracted to the commotion while a lot of the female spectators was there to see Santi who was already standing up watching the match.

"Play!" Chiko tossed the ball and decided to give it his all. He recalled Santi's overhead spike serves and instantly executed it. The ball dropped at perfect timing with his feet and sped toward's the opposing court.

PANG!~ Woooosh~

The horse kick spike serve was done excellently by Chiko and its impact created a crisp sound following a blur of yellow trail.

"It's another spike serve!"

"Did you notice that move? His stance and execution even to his hand and body position were similar to Santi's horse kick spike serve!"

"Yeah, he was copying it like it was a piece of cake!"

The spectating players were now truly astonished to Chiko's execution of the Horse Spike serve that greatly resembled Santi's. Santi, on the other hand, did not seem to bother on Chiko's move and remained focused on watching the match.

The ball traveled incredibly fast almost like a bullet as it flashed past over the net


"It is over, it's another corner shot! These guys are doing it like it was a walk in the park!"

Beethoven exclaimed.

Yang's eyes were busy calculating the trajectory and suddenly a flash of red light came out. His muscles contracted and he flipped back at an incredible speed.

The ball flew in a straight line toward's the right corner this time and Yang was able to anticipate it this time. However, the ball was already hard to catch. Yang suddenly turned into a blur and arrived in the spot and instantly twisted his body buying the momentum as he flicked the ball up using the tip of his shoe or the toe box. He landed in the floor while the ball was redirected toward's the net. Everyone was shocked by his sudden burst of speed and flexibility.

"Checked! He checked it!"


"What speed and flexibility!"

Everyone was surprised by the sudden turn of event. However, they suddenly realized something.

"His counter was good but unfortunately he sent the ball too close to the net. Can he follow it up on time?" Bethoveen thought.

"It is not over yet!" Yang said as he ran on four like a mad dog toward's the net where the ball is going!


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