MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Yang ran at an incredible speed while on four. He looked more like a wild beast than a student with his furious expression and extraordinary speed.

He reached the ball that was just about to land on the cement floor just on time! With a quick tap of his right foot, the ball bounced up saving him the point against him. He followed the ball with a smooth toss using the toe cap.

The ball was instantly raised just over the net's height.

And in the next instant, Yang's right foot came in with a slight push tipping the ball just to get inside Chiko's court were it proceeded to drop.

All of these happened in less than two seconds!

"Triple T?!" Beethoven's was surprised to see Yang performing an incredible move despite the difficulty of his position.

"Was that the famous triple T Technique?" Bugro was surprised by what he has seen and wanted to confirm it.

"You mean the tap, toss, and tip?" Another member was amazed as well.

"It's a quick three-step-move that requires incredible control and flexibility and is incredibly hard to guard against. What make's it more amazing here is that the janitor kid was able to dissolve his momentum and performed the triple T effortlessly!" Beethoven added.

"I won.." Yang declared as he watched the ball fall toward's the ground when suddenly Chiko's right foot appeared and stomped on the floor catching the ball and bouncing it up. Chiko followed it with a quick toss of his shoe cap sending the ball more than two meters high from the ground.

The ball was a bit higher than Yang's toss before.

"That balut vendor also countered with a beautiful triple T!" The spectators exclaimed.

Realizing Chiko's imitating plan, Yang decided to advance and jumped while leaning to his side to distribute his bodies range to block the incoming tip. But to his surprise, Chiko also adjusted, instead of tipping the ball with his shoe to drop it down, he performed a 'heading' to send the ball over Yang's back.

Yang's block failed. Seeing that the ball passed over his flying body towards the service circle, he immediately shifted his weight to drop faster.

"It is not over yet!" Yang has only landed his one foot. He did not wait and pushed all his power to focus on this single foot. He pushed himself toward's the direction of the ball and ever performed a barrel roll just to reach the ball quicker.

He swiped the floor with his left foot, saving the ball again.


"Amazing save!"

"That barrel roll though!"

Every spectator was impressed with Yang's ability to adapt and quick decision to make a barrel roll just to save the ball.

"Well done!" even Chiko was impressed while Santi's eyes are now full of excitement.

"I told you it is not over yet." Yang repositioned himself. He tossed the ball up with a simple inside kick. Yang followed it up by jumping to intercept the ball and prepared for a spike kill. Chiko's eyes refocused and seem to notice something with Yang's movement.

"He is aiming for the right corner!" Chiko realized Yang's plan and immediately ran in advance toward's the spot.

"He moved in advance again!?" seeing Chiko's advance move, Beethoven realized that the latter might have seen Yang's body signs again.

However, instead of getting surprised, Yang has a mocking smile in his face.

"You think so?" He instantly shifted his body and performed a dropkick hitting the ball with the outsole of his shoe. This time, the drop kick was forceful and he is aiming for a first line drop!


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