MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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"It's finally over."

"That janitor is going to finish this match with a marvelous rolling spike!"

"I actually wanted that balut vendor to win."

"Yeah, too bad he got injured"

The spectating players commended Chiko of his performance albeit the fact he is about to lose.

Seeing the ball passing over the net with a whoosh, Chiko knew he is going to lose this match and an opportunity to have a friend finally will be gone.

He gritted his teeth and summoned his strength to jump despite the searing pain of his inflamed lower body muscles. Chiko decided to confront the ball with his head successfull blocking it!


"He is not going down!"

The spectating players were amazed with Chiko's will and determination to win the game. Despite the handicapped situation, he managed to block one more attack. Yang ran after the ball in his court. He swiped his left foot immediately sending the ball high over the net. He followed it with another axe kick!

"Lose already!" Yang shouted in annoyance. He never expected this newb to actually challenge him.


Chiko actually managed to raise his chest upward to receive the ball and send it back to Yang's court. Yang caught the ball with an easy inside kick, relaunched it again higher this time and followed it with a sunback kick!


Chiko jumped this time facing Yang with his back causing the loud blocking sound! The ball dropped again inside Yang's court.

Yang gritted his teeth and caught the falling ball. He relaunched the ball far away from the net and prepared for a distant comeback!

"Two blocks, no! Three blocks in a row!" Beethoven was in disbelief. Chiko's determination is just out of the league!


"Holy Macaroni!" Beethoven's team mates exclaimed in surprise and amazement.

"Not bad." Santi tought. He was very impressed with Chiko's ability to resist the pain and go with the match. The latter's ability to adapt in the situation greatly gained his respect. To counter with a heading, followed by a chest against a rolling spike and even successfully blocked an incredibly strong sunback kick!

This only shows Chiko's extra ordinary perception and obervation skills giving him the ability to aniticipate Yang's every move and counter him perfectly albiet the slow movement.

"This huhh..kid...huhhhh. interesting. huhh.. huhh.." Yang was actually impressed with Chiko's determination to win.

"Win!" Chiko have only one thing in his mind and he basically forgot the pain he was suffering. His adrenaline was rushing madly in his blood.

"I must say you impressed me with your abilities. But now I know how to counter you. This is where you will lose.!" Yang shouted and he prepared for another spike kill!

Chiko's eyes scanned Yang's body movement and mostly focused in Yang's eyes. Chiko's eyes were very clear and sharp. He can even see Yang's skin pores! Suddenly, right as the Yang was about to perform his spike serve, Chiko discovered that Yang have actually closed his eyes will performing another rolling spike!

"This way you will never be able to read my aim!" Yang was confident this time. He have already calculated the ball's falling speed and his general direction. Closing his eyes in the middle of a spike is like a walk in a park for him!


Yang's kick hit the ball successfully and with it was the last bit of his strength!


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