MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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The ball was sent whooshing across the court as Yang landed in the cement ground with his buttocks. He has was now completely exhausted and unable to stand up right away. He knew this is a great risk but he knew and is one hundred percent sure that he got the score this time!


A crisp thumping sound can be heard and Yang opened his eyes only to found out that the ball is actually rolling inside his court.

"What happened? Did I get the score?" Yang was confused. He did not see the ball pass over the net as he has his eyes shut tightly that time.

"He lost!"

"Wow what a match!"

"Impressive! I want to play with them!"

Player's came inside the court as they patted both players.

"So who actually won?" Yang asked Beethoven who came forward holding the ball.

"Who won? Technically it was you. But does it really matter? You guys are both awesome!" Beethoven replied while inspecting the ball.

"So I won huh..." Yang has never felt such exhaustion before. But his heart was light and contented. He just has the most intense moment of his life. He looked towards Chiko's direction and the latter looked dispirited.

"How did I won?" Yang asked a nearby player.

"Well, he actually was able to block your last attack."

"He did!?" Yang was surprised by the guy's revelation.

"Yes, he did. But before blocking the attack, he was too close to the net that he accidentally touched it which is a foul move according to the rules. I guess the guy was too tired and out of balanced when he did the jump with his injury." The player explaining has bright gaze of admiration toward's Chiko.

"So, if only he did not touch the net I could have lost?" Yang was surprised again. He actually almost lost if not for Chiko's carelessness and injury!

"Yes, absolutely. The guy was actually able to anticipate your attack's direction. It was just the sudden forward motion of his back when he attempted to block your attack went overboard causing the foul. Nonetheless, it was a pretty good match for two beginners!" Bethoveen came in filling an answer for Yang's questions.

"look at this." Beethoven showed Yang the ball they used to play a while ago. Yang looked at the worn out rattan ball with some broken parts.

"And what's with this?" Yang asked.

"You match was simply too intense that the ball almost broke into pieces! Did you knew this is brand new sepak takraw balls we brought from SM City Cebu yesterday!?" Beethoven's expression turned from ecstatic to horrified.

"How am I going to explain this to Mr. Gila? An original sepak takraw ball worth more than one thousand pesos is now barely recognizable with missing locks within a day!! I am so dead! We still have tryouts next week!" He then glared at Chiko who was sitting tiredly in the ground then to Yang.

"You guys better have the money to pay for this huh?" Beethoven has a very hostile expression.


Yang came close to Chiko who was now slowly massaging his legs while sitting in a nearby grassy hill overlooking the school.

"You played well." Yang initiated as he sat near Chiko.

"Yeah, but I lost.." Chiko has a solemn expression in his face. Yang just laughed slightly while staring at the beautiful scenery of the blue sky hovering over the humble Madridejos Community College and said:

"Doesn't matter. Let's play again sometimes friend." Yang said with his hands offering a handshake.

"My name is Yang. My family name is Dinag. I am the school's Working Student. I am also an Aswang- but a vegetarian one, so you are safe with me. Nice to meet you." Yang smiled sincerely.

From these words, Chiko's eyes shone brightly and shook his hands with him.

"My name is Chiko Cruz. Known as the balut vendor. If you want more balut, I can sell some for you. They're cheap and I can give you a discount! Only twenty-five pesos each and you will get more discount for bulk orders!"

"You call that cheap!?"


"By the way. Do you have five hundred pesos?"

"What for?"

"We broke the ball. Beethoven said we have to pay for it."

"What!?" Chiko's eyes almost popped out.
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》