MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Yang snapped out of his thoughts and shook his head. His eyes revealed traces of pain and agony. He just recalled one of the most painful memories of his past. Chiko suddenly patted him.

"What's wrong. Something is bothering you?" Chiko asked curiously after observing that his new friend have a pained expression on his face. It was subtle, but his sharp and clear eyes can easily catch every tiny detail.

"Oh no, nothing. By the way, I wanna know how did you figure out my last attack a while ago. I know you can anticipate my attacks thru eye and body movement. But it was most probably the eyes that reveal my intention right?" Yang asked as he shifted his attention back to the new friend beside him.

He could never measure this guys capability as of the moment.

He looked at Chiko and cannot help but wonder. Chiko has this very pure and innocent look but he is actually a natural beast when it comes to his physical abilities which would surprise anyone who would underestimate him. Not to mention his out of this world observation and anticipation ability which is a deadly weapon in the field of sports!

"Oh! it was easy. Although your eyes where closed, your eyeballs were still moving inside and I can still see its movement as clear as a day. After observing your closed eyes, its movement inside the eyelids still revealed your intention. Plus, your body angle, feet position, wind speed, and general direction, and weight distribution points to --"

"Okay, I got it. I got it. Thank you for telling me." Yang decided to interrupt Chiko's long explanation as he already knows that the latter would spout an incredibly long explanation.

He might get late for the class if he continued listening to Chiko's full-descriptive report.

Since Chiko was honest and treated him wholeheartedly, he decided to help the latter and see where this friendship goes.

"It is already eight. The class is about to start. Let's go!" Yang said after looking at his watch. He ran toward's the school grounds and Chiko followed closely behind.

"By the way Yang, what is our first subject for today?"

"It should be English 101 with Mr. Ubear." Yang has said excitedly.

"English... I am dead." Chiko murmured.

They both continued running as they blended with the crowd towards the rows of one-story buildings. Chiko ran while smiling and thought:

"I finally have a friend. And he is a vegetarian Aswang too! How cool is that?!"


Santi is now inside the classroom. Girls are fawning all over him while some students with big muscles are actually surrounding him. Obviously, these so-called student's are actually his bodyguards. Every girl in the room looked at Santi like hungry lions.

Santi is also a freshman student and just like Chiko and Yang, he took the Computer course.


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