MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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While Gerald was shocked to the realization of the true winner, both Chiko and Yang came inside the classroom and everyone looked at this very unusual duo with great interest. Gerald was one of them.

The other was the mysterious school's working student janitor and with him is the famous balut vendor who, despite his lack of playing experience, as actually able to compete and perform well in a high-intensity sepak takraw match!

Yang found a vacant spot just beside Santi and immediately walked towards it. Chiko followed him cluelessly. Little did they know that a lot of student before leaving that spot because they were afraid that the big "students" that are obviously Santi's bodyguards, would give them trouble.

Let alone their scary looks and intimidating eyes.

Yang stopped at a pair of armed chairs and was about to sit on the one on the left when one of Santi's guard-student stood up and grabbed the armed chair while glaring at Yang.

"This chair is taken." The big student said. He was about six feet high with a solid muscular build. Every time he moves, his biceps and chest would pop.

"Wooah~" Chiko's eyes shone after seeing the muscular man. It was just loaded and really firm!

Yang looked up fearlessly and decided to sit on the other chair instead. He does not want any trouble and just wanted to get it over with as peacefully as possible.

"That chair is also taken." The man moved quickly and grabbed the other chair. Yang took a deep breath and moved to the chair now closest to Gerald who is sitting beside Santi.

"And also those chairs. That, that, that and that. Those chairs are taken." The big student pointed to the other empty chairs close to Santi and boldly claimed.

Yang remained to be patient and asked:

"You guys are really going to occupy these chairs?"

"Not necessarily, we just want them vacant. Did you get a problem? Janitor?" The big guy strongly emphasized the last word.

"Actually I do," Yang replied without any hint of fear. Chiko was just following him like a lost kid.

"You see, these chairs are maid to be sit upon to. They are not here for decorations, they are for the students who wanted to take classes. And may I remind you, the instructor is on his way right now so we might start in a while. Now if you don't mind us.." Yang added and sat on the chairs before him.

"Do you know who are you offending?" The big guy finally got irritated and two more so-called 'student guards' came and stood in front of Yang.

"Uhm excuses me, sirs, I need to sit too. The instructor is coming!" Chiko said as he forced himself in between the two big guys. The latter wanted to stop him but Chiko pushed them both effortlessly like opening a closed curtain!

"What strength!" Gerald who has been just observing in the sides was surprised. Santi remained silent and did not say anything. But his eyes and ears are obviously observing the newcomers.

The two student guards were surprised with Chiko's effortless push that felt like a giant rock pushed them aside.

"Kiddo, you want to get hurt?!" The two guards who lost faces were very angry and they have to prove themselves that they should not be challenged!
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》