MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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"Why would you hurt me?" Chiko immediately responded with very innocent eyes.

"You just pushed us!" the bigger man replied while popping sounds from his hand can be heard.

"I am sorry sir. But you guys are in the way. I just wanted to sit." Chiko replied.

"There is a public community college and not a private one. You should know that every student is free to choose their seats." Yang confirmed defending Chiko.

"We told you, those chairs are reserved!"

"To whom?"

"You don't have to ask!" The big boys shouted as they started to get more irritated.

"Whatever." Yang sat beside Chiko and did not mind the three boys surrounding them.

"Alright since you insist, you can have that chair. That is if you can handle these!" The bigger man was very mad. These two did not show them faces at all! They need to establish their dominance!

The man held his hand tight and immediately punched Yang in the face. It was too sudden and the punch came out so fast. Yang prepared to block the attack but the punched stopped midway.

Another hand stopped the punched. Chiko's right arm came like a flash stopping the punch from reaching Yang's face. Chiko's arm did not look very strong but his firm grip was something that their minds could not understand.

"No fighting inside the school grounds sir," Chiko said slowly but seriously. The other two decided to jump in as well when suddenly a cold and very dominating voice came from behind.

"Stop. Sit and behave." Santi's words were very short but it worked like a remote controller immediately stopping the three student guards and who turned around and sat back to their chairs.

Their faces are very resentful towards the two newcomers.

"Thank you." Chiko and Yang said almost at the same time. Santi did not bother. He was deep in thought.

"Fast, strong and has incredible potential. These kids have good potential." Santi thought. Shortly afterward an instructor came inside the room. He looked very formal on a blue upper suit, black long pants and a pair of shiny black shoes.

This new teacher has a very friendly presence and is famously known in the school as the smartest teacher.

"Hello and good morning everyone. I will be your English 101 instructor for this semester. My name is Ulysses, but you can call me Uly." The instructor said.

"Good morning sir Uly!"

Chiko immediately greeted with full of energy. Yang remained silent and as well as the rest of the class.

Only Chiko was very proactive as it was his first time actually attending a college class and was very eager to learn.

"Good thing we have a very proactive student here." Mr. Uly complimented and Chiko scratched his back as he was a little embarrassed after being complimented.


Chiko attended five different classes for the whole day and was very happy. Everything went well so far for the first day. He bided Yang farewell and left the school immediately. He still has a long way to go back home.

If only people would know how far and dangerous his road to his home actually is, they would be shocked.

Chiko arrived in the river where he left Lolong. But the enormous crocodile is nowhere to be found so Chiko decided to walk by the forest instead.

It took him around an hour and it is now around five o'clock in the afternoon when he reached his home, however to his surprise, the place where he arrived was not the home he was expecting.

He double checked his path and he was pretty sure he walked at the right direction towards home.

But for some reasons, he cannot find his home or the farmhouse where he grew up. What he sees is just a barren land with nothing but dead trees.

"Am I lost?" Chiko suddenly thought.


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