MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Chiko was very surprised and happy at the same time. Seeing one of the familiar figures from his known home at least brought him unexpected joy and hope. This mysterious and old bald man is actually his crocodile friend!

"Wow! You can transform!" Chiko said loudly.

"I am is flattered, my prince. " Lolong replied and the next moment opened his mouth. Suddenly, a giant marble-like object rolled out of his giant mouth and floated in the air. The next instant, the marble expanded to around 4 meters and revealed familiar images to Chiko.

Inside the marble, Chiko can see the lively forest, the big trees he used to climb and the farmhouse where he grew up. His eyes suddenly teared.

"My home..." Chiko's hand moved to touch the rippling image before him but his hand just passed thru like it was just an illusion in the air.

"Is this really my home? Is this some sort of a portal that I can use to enter back?" Chiko suddenly has an idea and asked the crocodile for confirmation.

"The Maharlikan Sacred Sanctuary is actually a mystical isolated space created by thy Maharlikan King. As of this moment, I am afraid you can never go back." The crocodile replied in a very respectful voice.

Chiko was sad with Lolong's response.

"Why? It is my home. I still have my things in there." Chiko said.

"I am is afraid you are is to leave it there my prince. The Maharlikan king, your real father has an order for you that you must fulfill first"

"I actually have a father? And he is a King?"

"It is not just a King, The Maharlikan King is the sacred guardian spirit of this planet. Without the Maharlikan King, this planet would have long gone."

"What do you mean?"

"It is but a long story, my prince. But when the time is right, everything will be revealed to you. Right now, I need you to trust me my prince and just follow your father's will. Only if you do his bid that you can get the opportunity to meet him."

"I can meet my father? Where? How? When?"

"I understand your haste my prince, but The Maharlikan King is not some ordinary mortal you can meet whenever you want. You need to prove your worth if one really wanted to meet him." Lolong revealed.

Chiko was confused with all the details bombarded to him. He has a pile of questions that need answering regarding his real identity and his father the so-called Maharlikan King remained a big question.

"I want to meet my father. I have so many questions to him. Who is he, where is he, why did he leave me?"

Chiko is determined to meet his father and ask the questions he longed to be answered.

"I am is expecting that my prince. But as I have said, you need to prove your worth if you really wanted to meet the King."

"How do I prove my worth?" Chiko fastened his resolve.

"By simply playing sepak takraw," Lolong answered nonchalantly while Chiko was taken aback.

"Playing sepak takraw?" Chiko got more confused.

"I am not finished yet. Play sepak takraw and win against the descendants of the Blue Star King."


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