MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Chiko went back to the school later after he got his direction from Lolong. He was adamant in wanting to know more about himself and his father's identity that Lolong proclaimed as a mysterious King.

Right when Chiko passed on the gate where the school guard was stationed, the guard seems to have been waiting for Chiko all this time. The guard immediately waved at Chiko and the latter approached him.

"Chiko! Mr. Gila has been looking for you. Please proceed in his table at the administrator's office."

"Got. Thank you, Mr. Guard."

Chiko was about to enter the admin's office when a gray-haired serious looking guy bumped into him. Chiko fell back hard despite his solid body foundation. This man before him has an intimidating aura. His eyes are dark and full of mystery. Chiko can decern that this person has experienced too much in life much judging from the dark lifeless eyes the man has.

The man looked at Chiko with disgust and hate. Chico remained calm whose eyes are fixated in him.

"I am sorry bro." Chiko took the initiative to apologize but the man gave him the cold stare and left without replying. From behind, Chiko can see the man's wide and well built back exuding a very unusual aura and a terrifying presence.

"This school is full of weird people. There are the reach and famous Takraw player who decided to study in this very cheap school. There are an aswang janitor and this weird snobbish guy who does not talk." Chiko murmured while he slowly stood up and patted the dust off his pants and red jacket.

Chiko proceed to the administrator's office and saw Mr. Gila on his disk. The moment Chiko arrived, Mr. Gila noticed him right away and waved at him. Chiko went closer and was very nervous.

"So Lolong sent you?" Mr. Gila asked Chiko right away.

"Uhm yes.." Chiko has a lot of questions in his mind and can not help to spurt one out:

"If you don't mind me asking, how did you meet Lolong?" He added.

Mr. Gila smiled and looked at Chiko straight in the eyes. Suddenly Mr. Gila's voice sounded inside his mind.

"I am also a member of the elemental guardians my Prince." Mr. Gila's voice brought Chiko great surprise. It seems the telepathic ability is common to the so-called elemental guardians.

"Now, I know you are a descendant of the Maharlikan King, but I cannot call you a prince in this mortal realm because we have different identities here. Is that alright with you?" Mr. Gila asked.

"No problem I understand and I am not used to be called prince. I don't even feel like one at all." Chiko said honestly and Mr. Gila just smiled back.

"Let's get back to the real purpose you are here. You are to become an athlete of Sepak Takraw that will represent the school in the coming national Sepak Takraw meets. Am I correct?"

"Yes. And also."

"You need a place to stay. I know. You and Yang Dinag will be sharing the room from now on. You will stay at the vacant small house I have prepared for the working students just a kilometer from the school"

Chiko's eyes opened wide in surprise.


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