MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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The score has finally taken a turn and it is now one against two albeit Yang's one point lead. But this single point allowed Chiko to have his momentum and boosted his confidence.

Chiko was able to surprise Yang with his unnatural ability again. Everyone watching was having a hard time gauging this newbie's skills. Was he really a newbie? Wasn't he selling balut all summer and tending his so-called farm every day aside from going to high school before?

Santi remained unmoving appeared to does not care but his glued shining eyes revealed something else.

"I must have this Chiko on my team." He smiled in the thought.


Yang was threatened with Chiko's newly found momentum and became really serious. He must win or this moron would continue to bother him for the rest of his life. He only wanted peace and does not want anything to do with this weak humans he thought.

"I just wanted to know." Yang suddenly asked before Chiko could start the serve.

"What is it?" Chiko replied curiously.

"How did you know where I was aiming the ball a while ago?" Yang said with full seriousness in his expression. He wanted to know what he was lacking and what he failed to understand.

"You mean how did I know you were aiming at the left corner line?"


"Your eyes and body movement said so." Chiko looked up and tried to recall the scene a while before and added:

"Your eyes were obviously determined to hit that spot. I can even see the reflection in your eyes. The position of your feet and the angle of your hands point towards it. Also that time, the wind blew a little to the left so you used the timing to gave the ball a fast left spin when you threw it up to give it more momentum. Your spike serve was really strong and paired with the spinning effect with little blew of the wind to the left, you gave it a little swerve. Normal players would only have around 2.5% chance in returning such difficult serve except if you have already figured it out. I realized that you have outstanding ball control and have a little Sepak Takraw pride you probably accumulated while practicing so I can guess that you wanted to show off before finishing the game by hitting the corner line. And lastly, you lost the point because you reacted to the ball too late."

Everyone who listened to the explanation blanked out for a while. Chiko's outstanding explanation was too detailed and they all thought the young man was only making it all up.

But recalling the scene before, they too can confirm the latter's words were actually true. The only question was such an observation skill is actually possible?

Santi had the biggest smile in his life. This kid is an unpolished diamond!

"Alright thank you for letting me know. Let's get even serious then. I won't let you score again." Yang said and bent his body wide. Chiko just smiled in response.

Yang took out a bandanna and tied it in his head. He pulled some strand's of his hair out as if pulling some spaghetti. After he did, his eyes showed glints of a crimson color and his body is rising in temperature. His heart started pounding fast and sounds of cracking of his bone can be heard.

"You have good eyes, let me show you what I have," Yang said smiling.


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