MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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"Really? I have a home? And I get to share it with Yang?" Chiko was surprised to know that he would be soon sharing a house with his new friend Yang Dinag.

"I know you already know who he actually is; or safe to say, what he actually is." Mr. Gila looked seriously at Chiko and the latter nodded in confirmation.

"Yes I do understand and it is also my responsibility to protect his secret. He is my first friend after all." Chiko replied.

"Take this key and he will lead you at your new home after the class." Mr. Gila passed a small room key to Chiko.

After receiving the key, Chiko waited for more instructions but Mr. Gila already started focusing on his desk work.

"Is this all?" Chiko asked.

"Yes. And oh, do not forget that the Sepak Takraw tryouts have been moved tomorrow."


"It was moved at an earlier date to give more time for the new Regus to be familiar with each other and prepare as early as possible."

"I see, then I will prepare tomorrow."

"Be there at six am."

"Isn't that too early?" Chiko immediately responded.

"We have already posted it on the bulletin board. Anyone who failed to arrive after six will not be given chances for the tryouts. If they do not have the ability to make even this kind of small discipline then don't expect that you will be accepted into the team."

"I see." Chiko nodded in response. Although the meetup time was too early, he thinks that it makes sense at all. To become an efficient player, you need to have discipline in your body and following rules.

"That is all, you may go now." Mr. Gila motioned his hands away and Chiko left immediately after saying his thanks. Classes are about to start and he is actually quite excited for tomorrow. He can feel his stomach boiling with anticipation for tomorrow's try-outs.


Outside the school's gate, a white Lexus SUV stopped in front of the gate. The sudden appearance of this flashing white car got the student's attention especially when they saw Santi walked out of the car door which followed by another handsome looking man called Gerald.

This time, he did not come with his bodyguards and just entered the school with Gerald as his company. They both went inside the school with ladies fawning all over them. Others were not able to resist Santi's charm and end up screaming their name.

They then noticed that some familiar sepak takraw players are crowding in the bulletin board.

"Aren't those kids the players you have beaten badly?" Gerald asked.

"Yes," Santi replied.

"It seems there is an important announcement and it should be related to Sepak Takraw. Do you want me to check it out."

Santi nodded and Gerald left to check on the bulletin boards. Soon he came back smiling.

"It seems that the schedule for the sepak takraw tryouts has been moved tomorrow. What is funnier is that interested applicants should arrive before six am! I wonder what the admins are trying to pull off with such schedule."

"Okay." Santi did not really mind. His eyes are focused on someone who got his interest. He was wearing plain white polo shirts but his aura tells a stark contrast of darkness and alarming presence. A well-built guy with dark gray hair with multiple tribal tattoos all seeping out of his sleeves.
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》