MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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"What's your problem?!" Gerald stood up and suddenly lunged a straight punch towards the man. Then punch aimed at his face but he suddenly twisted his neck precisely dodging the punch with just a few centimeters. Gerald followed it with more frantic punches but all of them missed.

The so-called addict did not retaliate at all. He just keeps dodging each attack effortlessly as if it was a child play. Gerald could not believe that he can dodge everything. He decided to tackle the man from his waist!

"I got you!" Gerald exclaimed when he was about to catch hold of the man's waist but he was surprised to see the man suddenly dodging his clasp with a high jump. The man landed on Gerald's head and pushed him down with his foot and proceed walking as nothing happened.

Gerald, on the other hand, ended up eating dirt with a fuming face.

"We entered the school with elegance and charm and then this stupid mute dirty addict dared to humiliate us?"

Santi's eyes widened as he witnessed what happened. The man has incredible reaction speed and flawless movement. It was like fighting was too easy and he can even predict the attack patterns with outstanding precision.

Gerald stood up immediately and wanted to chase the man who humiliated him but Santi's hand suddenly grabbed him telling him to stop.

"Enough Gerald," Santi said calmly.

"But he humiliated us!" Gerald is still left fuming mad. Not only he missed all his punches, he even ate dirt with a simple kick!

"Even if you try your best, you can never get him," Santi told him.

"You know that I don't just play sepak takraw. I also trained in taekwondo and judo, not to mention boxing! I know I can beat that guy! Just give me a few seconds" Gerald insisted.

"Exactly. I know what you are capable of. But that guy is different. Just trust me and don't embarrass me anymore." Santi now has a stern face. Gerald now stopped resisting but his expression remained unwilling to surrender.

Gerald's glare speaks that he will get back with that man someday.

"And besides, we are in the school ground. Just now you attacked a student. Do you want me to leave you behind in the mansion just like the others?"

With these words, Gerald did not dare to move and bowed apologetically at Santi.

"Ss-sorry," Gerald said.

"I can still cover for you as I have connections with the school faculty. But the next time you cause trouble, I will not be covering for you." Santi declared.

"Yes, I understand." Gerald has a gloomy expression. He really wanted to get back to that man but he has to adhere to his master's command. He clenched his fist and looked at the leaving man's direction.

Contrary to Gerald's expression, Santi has a subtle smile in his face. His eyes gleamed with interest and excitement.

"Truly this place has a lot of interesting people." Santi murmured. " I can tell, this guy can see the blue star."

The gray haired man suddenly stopped and looked at the blue star again. He then seems to have recalled something and started touching his pants in search of something.

His eyes grew wide when he found something inside his pocket - It was the latest iPhone!

" Oh no.. Not again..." He murmured as he started looking around. After making sure no one sees him,he tossed the iPhone into a thrashcan.

"Starting a new life is easy you said. It would be fun you said!..." He was scolding the blue star in the sky like a lunatic.
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》