MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Jagua waited for a while after clapping twice. He waited for the blood-soaked Gantes to walk out of the ring and stand beside him to show off his dominance over this little beast to his friend.

However, Gantes never moved after hearing the clap. Jagua frowned and clapped twice again. This time it was much harder and louder. But then again, Gantes did not move an inch.

The viewers have already left so the people left around were Jagua's armed men and his guest accomplice.

"Gantes!" Jagua shouted with a red face. He found it weird for Gantes not to listen to him. He was very confident with Gantes because the latter owed him his life.

Jagua's friend started snickering. He was obviously having fun at Jagua's humiliation.

Jagua looked at his personal bodyguard behind him and nudged his head giving the sign to go fetch Gantes for him. The bodyguard nodded in response. He pulled out a long whip out of his jacket, which he would always use to punish Gantes every time he misbehaved, and walked towards the center of the ring.

"It seems that your little beast has gone deaf from too much fighting Jagua." The guest snickered.

"Yeah, but sometimes he just needs a little whip," Jagua said whose face was very red from humiliation. He was just bragging awhile ago about how obedient to his order Gantes was and he even offered a price to sell the little beast.

Gantes was standing in the middle of the ring unmoving. The spotlight reflected the blood in his skin and his shadow made a stark contrast to his surroundings. His blood-covered face revealed an emotionless eye.

"Hey, Gantes! Have you gone deaf!? Jagua is calling you! Why are you not responding!" The man shouted while he walked closer and closer to Gantes. Seeing that the latter did not budge at all, he gripped his whip tightly and whipped the blood-soaked young man fiercely.


The whip created a searing and air splitting sound while it whooshed towards Gante's shoulder.

Suddenly, Gante's hand moved swiftly and caught the metal-tipped whip easily. A few seconds later, blood flowed out from his hand that caught the slash.

The criminal guest was surprised to Gante's quick reflex and perception while Jagua frowned.

Gantes never fought back when punished. Jagua knew there must be something wrong with Gantes and he actually already have an idea in his mind. Jaguar took a deep breath and his hands tapped in his chair while his face lost the cheerful mood as he looked at Gantes seriously.

"Is this about that stupid and annoying police who is trying to rescue you? Did he not learned his lessons from us?" Jagua suddenly said towards Gantes and the latter's eyes suddenly shone a little.

Gantes looked up at Jagua and declared boldly:

"Today is the day I will stop being the Beast," Gantes said. This brought Jagua, his guest and the surrounding men an unexpected shock.

Jagua remained unmoved and did not say anything.

"Father, I know that I owe you my life and my strength. It's been eight years since I started serving you. I snatched, stole, carried drugs and even hurt countless people in my life including innocent ones..." Gantes cold but respectful voice echoed thru the dark arena.

"But now, I believe I have made you enough money, and... I would like to ask for your permission. I wanted to change. I want to stop doing drugs, doing tasks that brings more trouble and hurting innocent people..." Gante's words made Jagua flinched. His eyelids twitched with every word Gantes said.

He has never been this mad and disappointed in his life!

The other guest started laughing like a madman.

Suddenly, Gante's hand released the whip and he slowly fell on his knees in surrender while facing the ground.

"Father, I beg of you. I want to change. I wanted to be rehabilitated." Gante pleaded.
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》