MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Jagua's face now turned even more furious. He was not only mad but also annoyed by the laughing sound of his guest.

He immediately glared at his guest who kept on laughing beside him. His eyes glowed with murderous intent. Sensing the hostile look in Jagua's face, the guest immediately stopped laughing.

"You know that you are breaking my heart, do you? It is true that I have used you to my business, but aren't we a family?" Jagua decided to use Gantes's weakness when it comes to family.

Gantes gritted his teeth and clenched his fist tighter. He remained his head bowed down while kneeling in the middle of the arena. He is obviously having doubts about his decision. After a couple of minutes, he finally spoke.

"I believe that me restarting my life is the best option father and for that, I am asking for your forgiveness for disappointing you, my father..." Gantes said with grim appearance.

"Very well. So you want to stop working for me; is that really your final decision?" Jagua stood up with furious eyes.

"Yes, father. I am hoping that you would allow me to restart my life. That is all I asked in exchange for my eight years of service." Gantes said respectfully while bowing.

After a long pause, Jagua unexpectedly has a wicked smile.

"Actually, my dear son, I have long anticipated these to come." Jagua's mood suddenly changed. His eyes revealed a wicked intention and his smile even stretched wider.

"I just did not expect this is actually the day that our paths will diverge..." Jagua walked closer to the ringside with his hands behind him. He stopped just a few feet before the kneeling Gantes. The other men looked at him curiously. Hearing his footsteps getting closer, Gantes instinctively looked up. His eyes revealed fear and shock with what he saw.

Jagua is holding a gun and pointed it before Gantes's head.

The people witnessing this event nearby was surprised and at the same time revealed a hint of fear. Jagua truly lived to his ruthless reputation. His decisiveness garnered him fear and at the same time, respect from his people and guests.

They did not expect Jagua to smile despite the fact that he is about to let go of one of the most important assets in his illegal business - Gantes the little beast.

"Father..." Gantes's heart broke. His face expressed mixed feelings of confusion, disappointment, fear, and regret.

"I will give you one last chance Gantes my son. Work with me or..." Jagua's words were filled with confidence. His right hand that was holding the gun suddenly shifted in a different direction.

Gantes instinctively looked at the direction where the gun pointed and saw a familiar face he never expected to see.

"Mr. Ricardo!" Gantes revealed a deep expression of shock, fear, and regret.

Two of Jagua's men dragged a heavily-injured police officer and dropped him right in front of Gante. He was bounded in chains and covered with multiple injuries in his head and even fresh blood flowed all over his body, Mr. Ricardo.


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