MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Seeing this, Gantes' body started shaking uncontrollably. His eyes were glued to the police officer who offered him hope, freedom and a new life.

Before him is a person who showed him unconditional care and love despite his hateful habits and background. The person who offered to adopt him to become his new son which deeply touched and encouraged Gantes.

Gantes only wanted a real family. It was the main reason he escaped from the foster homes that took him. All he wants is a family that would accept him. A family that will not depend on what you can give them back; but a family that will love you unconditionally.

But now, seeing Mr. Ricardo's condition, Gantes could not help but blame himself.

"This is my fault. I am too selfish. Please let him go, father!" Gantes did not hesitate to defend Mr. Ricardo which only made Jagua even more infuriated than before.

"~ No. Gantes boy. Do not be afraid... Do not mind me kid and... just be free okay? Follow your dreams kid. You are not born to sell drugs, you are born to fulfill your dreams!" Mr. Ricardo slowly mumbled weakly while blood slowly dripped out of his mouth.

Despite his critical condition, Mr. Ricardo has the brightest and contented smile.

Seeing the police officer's confident smile, Jagua got irritated and immediately kicked Mr. Ricardo hard which forced him to groan in agony from the multiple torture wounds he has accumulated.

Tears flowed madly in the eyes of Gantes as he tried to summon his strength to immediately help Mr. Ricardo when suddenly, two big and muscular men pushed him down thru his shoulders. They were obviously there to stop him from resisting!

"Gantes, remember what I told you that every action has consequences? There is really no such this as right or wrong. Everything is right; it only becomes wrong when you could not accept the outcome of your choices! As a criminal and drug carrier, you knew that is our golden rule right?" Jagua's face showed despicable expression while his gun pointed at the police officer groaning painfully on the ground.

Gantes could not speak from his shock and grief. He gritted his teeth really hard and his whole body shook. Some men who were watching nearby very entertained instead and even complimented Jagua's guts.

"Now Gantes I want you to make the right choice. Obviously, you already know the consequences. Now stay, he lives. You go...then."

"No Gantes. Don't listen to him. There is still hope for you my son- Ough!~" Mr. Ricardo mustered his strength to encourage Gantes in making the right decision but the man who brought him suddenly stomped his head knocking his head to the ground.


Jagua removed the gun lock with a flick of his finger. His smooth action only proves his wide experience in dealing with people using such brutal options.

"No!!" Seeing that the gun has been unlocked, Gantes immediately shouted in panic.

"Well then let's make this even more fun! Why don't you do me one a favor?" Jagua wore a sinister smile when he grabbed Gante's hand and placed the gun forcefully into his palm and made him hold it firmly. He even guided the index finger towards the trigger like a father guiding a child.

Next, Jagua slowly raced it and redirected the gun towards Mr. Ricardo's bloody face.
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》