MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Mr. Ricardo raised his head and he can see the gun's small but deadly barrel being pointed in his face. However, not a single trace of fear can be seen in his face.

He then looked at the frightened and blood-covered face of Gantes and smiled with confidence.

Gantes made eye contact with Mr. Ricardo and suddenly felt reassured within.

Mr. Ricardo's smile showed an unusual peace and happiness. It was a smile a father would make seeing his child receiving an outstanding award in the middle of the stage before thousands of crowd.

Seeing the smile, Gantes felt like time has stopped.

It was indeed a smile full of peace, love, and proud which left Gantes unable to stop his eyes from flowing with warm tears.

The treatment of the two so-called fathers he knew was completely in contrast.

While Jaguar did save him from dying in the hands of the illegal organ syndicate, he was also forced to do the things he disliked such as doing drugs, extorting people, stealing, beating people which made him into a monster he is now.

While on the other hand, Mr. Ricardo, a simple but dignified police officer, offered him a new life. It was a hope to start from the beginning and live normally away from drugs, from chasing and hiding, from fighting, and hurting innocent people.

Although it would take him a few months or even years to go thru complete rehabilitation, Mr. Ricardo assured him a new home, a new family and would even provide him education just like a normal kid that he could only end up wishing.

Gantes would usually mock the normal people because a lot of them failed to appreciate what they have.

A family, food on the plate, real friends, and the opportunity to learn and be educated, and to be able to play outside without any worry from police officers or the rival gangs, are usually being overlooked by the people.

They called it basic rights, but Gantes called it a blessing.

People failing to appreciate what they have and even thirst for more - it was a disease called self-entitlement that most modern people suffer yet failed to cure.

It was one of the reasons that Gantes hated society and became hopeless.

'I would rather be mute than talk to this walking garbage' became his stand.

But now, a person willingly gave his life to provide him things he could only dream, a selfless person who is willing to sacrifice for him and never mistreated him despite his dark background. The only person who brought him hope.

But today, with the gun pointed in Mr. Ricardo's head by his own hand, Gantes could only blame himself for bringing such suffering to this undeserving policeman.

"Do it! What are you waiting for!? Stop wasting my time Gantes 'cause I got more deals to attend to!" Jagua became more impatient and suddenly reached his hands towards the gun and decided to help Gantes press the trigger.

"No!" Gantes immediately raised the gun up high. His other hand slid towards the magazine release button and the magazine dropped instantly. Gantes then mustered his courage and quickly disposed of the gun by crushing it with his bare hand.

Such hand power twisted the gun's barrel as if it was made of plastic!

Gantes showed power comparable to superhuman strength and it left everyone watching him in utter disbelief!
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》