MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Gantes crushing the handgun like it was a piece of toothpick left everyone with gaping mouths including Mr. Ricardo.

"Is that young man really a human?"

"Did I saw it right? That gun wasn't fake, right?"

"Why would Jagua bring fake guns, you stupid moron?"

The rowdy looking men were in still in complete disbelief. They did not expect that the so-called little beast was actually this strong.

However, contrary to everyone's expression, Jagua revealed a little worry and panic. Witnessing Gantes's real strength, he realized the latter's value was actually more than how much he originally thought!

'Who cares about Gante's choice!? I own him!' Jagua immediately convinced himself.

"I must dispose of this police right away or I would lose this amazing beast I have made!" Jagua thought. His eyes immediately scanned some of his men's body and his eyes locked on another gun.

Like a flash, Jagua got a hold of another gun from one of his men. He immediately pointed it to Mr. Ricardo's head and said:

"Let me do this for you instead!" Jagua then prepared to pull the trigger. Gantes did not expect Jagua to grab a gun out of someone and was even very adamant in putting an end to the weak policeman's life.


The shot missed and hit the floor beside Mr. Ricardo instead.

Gantes reacted immediately just on time by grabbing the gun out of Jagua's hand again. Gantes took it out effortlessly like taking candy from a little kid.

His hand grip was too strong that the gun's barrel was not spared at all. It was bent beyond recognition!

Everyone panicked with the sudden sound of the gunshot. They all instinctively pulled their gun out of their waist and immediately scanned their perimeter.

Frustrated, Jagua grabbed another man's gun out from his hands but before he could point it towards Mr. Ricardo, Gantes was already blocking his view ready to catch the bullet for the weary police!

"Father, you know that we don't have to do this. But If you really wanted to kill him, you can start with my dead body!" Gantes said firmly. His face still covered in blood and his determined look in his face resembled a ferocious tiger guarding its cub against another predator!

Gantes exuded an undaunting aura and a determined expression!

"Get away Gantes! Let me do this quickly and it will be over soon!" Jagua tried to push Gantes but the latter was too resilient to be pushed aside. He was like a solid rock of unmovable statue!

Not even the two big burly men holding him down a while ago was able to push him!

"Alright if that's what you want..." Jagua unexpectedly backed a little and took a deep breath.

"Everyone listen to me!" Jagua suddenly called out to everyone which quickly got their attention.

"Pick your tools, steel pipes or baseball bats whatever you use but no guns are allowed. Anyone who could knock Gantes will get a bigger share on our next racket plus a hundred thousand cash!" Jagua desperately declared his unexpected event.

Everyone who heard him became excited. Including the people who were just moving unconscious bodies from inside the ring. They immediately dropped the bodies down and ran close to Gantes. All of them has sinister expressions in their faces like hyenas watching its prey. Some of them were cracking their knuckles.

"I am not done yet!" Everyone was about to charge when they immediately heard additional instruction.

"Kill that annoying policeman for me. The one who makes the finishing blow gets a promotion and a hundred thousand cash!" Jagua smiled wickedly at Gantes and sat in his chair crosslegged. He pulled and lighted his cigarette and puffed a heavy white smoke in the air.

"Entertain me Gantes! " Jagua shouted with great enthusiasm. "Everyone you may start!"
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》