MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Gantes faced a mob of hostile men alone while the weak and heavily breathing policeman behind him tried his best to remain conscious.

The eyes of Gantes were full of mixed emotion while scanning the wicked faces of his supposed-to-be allies. The scent of money and promotion got these men high and are more than willing to break their countless years of affiliation.

"Today, I will be rich!"

"You guys can have Gantes. That man is mine!"

"You take care of Gantes. I have always hated that policeman so he is mine!"

"Shut up you two. It's first come, first serve!"

The flock of excited men keeps shouting and laughing with eagerness while they rub their weapons. Gantes stood firmly on his ground while covering for the injured policeman.

Suddenly, two men belted from the corner with the policeman as their target. They came out dashing while armed with steel pipes.

Right when their steel bats were about to hit Mr. Ricardo, Gantes defended him by using his back as a shield.

"Arggh!" Gantes groaned from pain after the steel pipes hit him hard from the back.

He is this determined to protect this policeman till the end!

He steeled his mind so he won't faint. He swiftly twisted his body to face the two burly men who were both surprised by his reaction.

Gantes grabbed their weapons and pulled them closer with his mighty strength. The two failed to let go on time as Gantes immediately knocked them out with quick and strong punches straight to their stomach and face. It was as quick as one-two-three!

Everyone who witnessed Gantes knocking those guys was in shock.

"It is not a hundred thousand cash if it's too easy!"

"Yeah, I agree."

"Let's get him altogether! He should not be able to take on all of us at the same time!"

About twenty armed men charged madly at the same time towards Gantes from different location and angle. Gantes faced all of them with undaunting courage and decided to charge to them not letting a single one get past him.

Mr. Ricardo stared at Gantes's back in disbelief. He never thought that the kid he was trying to save would end up saving him instead. Despite being greatly outnumbered, Gantes never gave up.

Shouts and sounds of fighting echoed throughout the abandoned building they were hiding from come be heard from afar. An occasional sound of broken glasses and breaking pieces of furniture can also be heard.

Gantes fought with precision and unparalleled speed. Despite the great disadvantage, he manages to hold them on with an indomitable strength! Jagua sat while he quietly enjoyed the view.

Seeing his "creation" taking on more than twenty melee armed men only proves how rare this kid actually is!


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