MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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"That's enough Gantes..." Mr. Ricardo pleaded.

"No... I am.. getting us... out of here... sir Ricardo." Gantes was barely catching his breath as he tried to fight back the shower of hits.

"I said enough!" Mr. Ricardo summoned his last strength to grab on Gante's back.

"Please boy. Stop fighting. You promised me that you will change remember?" Mr. Ricardo added.

Gantes remembered that one of Mr. Ricardo's condition by giving him a new life is to give up his drug habits and stop fighting. Slowly his expression started to hesitate.

"Remember when you asked what sports I love to play?" Mr. Ricardo asked with his gentle smile on his face. It was a heartful and bright smile that would make anyone calm.

Gantes was taken aback with an unexpected question from Mr. Ricardo. They are in the middle of the fight and this policeman is talking cheerfully about sports?

"When I was in high school, I used to play with my childhood friends with sepak takraw..." Mr. Ricardo started telling him a story while Gantes were too busy defending from the attacks in front.

Gantes could not help but feel like Mr. Ricardo is actually stating his last will.

"In fact, I was really good in sepak takraw that I was able to become a member of the school's team and reach CVRAA meet!" Mr. Ricardo's eyes turned red as he recalled his fun and carefree high school days.

He missed his teammates, he missed his coach and the feeling of floating mid-air in excitement while executing spikes. He missed being young.

"Although we failed to become champions, the memories with my friends and experiences we shared were still worth it. Not to mention, I had my gorgeous six packs those days you know, but now all I have is this.." He added while looking at his limping body and shaking his head.

Hearing this, Jagua got, even more annoyed. His eyes started scanning the surrounding seemingly looking for something.

Mr. Ricardo missed his son who died ten years ago. His only son who innocently died from multiple gunshots in a crossfire between drug cartels and police officers. His only son, whom Gantes resembled a lot which brought him joy and hope in last few years as a police officer.

Gantes listened to him attentively despite the pain he was feeling. Thanks to his incredible endurance, he was able to remain conscious. Sometimes, he wondered if he's still a human considering his extraordinary resilience.

"Just promise me, to be good and study well. And if you could also find a sport you love why don't you try to~"


Mr. Ricardo was not able to finish his last words when a bullet hit him in his forehead. His blood splattered behind his head as the bullet pierced thru. His body lay down motionlessly right after.

It was a sight Gantes would never forget his whole life.

"Nooooooo!~" Gantes screamed his lungs out seeing Mr. Ricardo's lifeless body.


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