MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Everyone stopped moving when the gunshot was heard. Some even checked if they were hit in somewhere or something.

"Hahaha! Hey Jagua, you did not mention what specific method you want us to deal with this police so ending him a gun does not disqualify me for the cash right?" Jagua's proud looking guest came out of nowhere holding a gun. It was he who shot Mr. Ricardo in the middle of the commotion.

"As long as that meddling police is dead." Jagua have a huge grin on his face. He was so happy watching Mr. Ricardo dead as the latter was a big threat for his control over Gantes.

Suddenly, the air turned cold and a suffocating aura shrouded the place they were in. Jagua and the others felt their hair standing up with the scary aura they have felt. They all instinctively looked at Gantes who stood there motionlessly staring at the dead police.

Jagua can see the veins bulging out of Gantes's muscles and the ground he was standing from started to crack. Everything seems to become heavy as Gantes's aura continued to explode.

"AAAAAAAHHHHH!" Gantes shouted again but this time with a loud and dominating voice. His violent force has caused all the light bulbs to explode completely darkening the whole place.

Gantes's senses have improved abnormally. He can see in the dark, he was fast as the wind and have acquired abnormal strength and reflexes at the same time. He felt like the more pain and tired he felt, the stronger and faster he becomes! This is the power of his mutated adrenaline he unknowingly acquired after years of suffering.

He never knew that his body has acquired an unusual type of mutated adrenaline from different drug experiments done by Jagua to his body. It was also thanks to his incredible natural survivability and will to live that his body was able to withstand the deadly after-effects of drug abuse.

Gantes suddenly kneeled before the dead corpse and murmured.

"Father, I promise not to kill anyone and live a new life as you always wished. But until then..."

The eyes of Gantes revealed his determination and a burning emotion. His muscles started to bulge even bigger as he prepared to attack.

The next instant, he became a blur from his unbelievable speed and every man surrounding him started crying in agony and despair while flying. Each attack was deadly leaving behind marks of fist and strong kicks in various parts of their bodies.

Bones cracked and blood splattered. Jaguar failed to perceive Gantes's every move as the latter moved to fast for his eyes to see and due to the dimness of the area. No one can see Gantes, it was too dark but Gantes seems to have adapted to the dark and can sense every person's location.

In panic and feeling helpless, many desperately tried their best to escape but a blur of deadly punch and kick would just appear out of nowhere that breaks their bones completely stopping them.

Everyone was desperate but failed to dodge every unseen attack. It all felt like they are fighting an invisible man. Out of desperation, some people took out their guns and started shooting wherever they felt the threat was.


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